Welcome to The JCC Bridgewater TIDE Team!

The JCC Bridgewater TIDE is a premier, competitive USA swim team in Somerset County, New Jersey. The TIDE provides swim instruction and training for a variety of skill levels. The JCC Bridgewater TIDE is the umbrella organization under which all JCC competitive swim teams exist, including: the JCC Bridgewater TIDE (BWTD) and the JCC Bridgewater Summer TIDE. 

Our Mission

In full support of the Mission of the Shimon and Sara  Birnbaum JCC, The JCC Bridgewater TIDE provides a comprehensive approach to development; TIDE swimmers experience an environment of fitness, nutrition, mental training, sportsmanship and camaraderie resulting in confidence and self-esteem.  Through advancing competition, each swimmer has the opportunity to develop their and the TIDE’s fullest potential.

Our Facilities

The JCC has two year-round pools:

The Outdoor/Bubble Pool is a 5-lane 25-meter competitive-style pool. The depth in the intermediate area of the pool goes to 2 feet and the main pool goes to 6 feet in depth.


The Indoor Pool is a 5-lane, 25-yard (75') competitive-style pool. The depth in the zero access area of the pool goes from zero to 4 feet, and the main part of the pool goes to 6 feet in depth.

Both the indoor and outdoor pools are heated, and they are the only competitive-style pools in the area running on a salt sanitization system. Feel the difference!

During the winter months, the Outdoor Pool is covered with an inflatable dome, which allows for the pool to be used by our team year round. The dome is taken down in mid-spring and the pool returns to being an outdoor pool.