Bridgewater Tide Swim-A-Thon 2019 Wrap-up

Kellyanne Tomasula
Feb 20, 2019

Bridgewater Tide Swim-A-Thon 2019 Wrap-up

Hello BWTD Swimmers and Families!

Last month, our team hosted our 2019 Swim-A-Thon, and with your help, we had the most successful fundraiser that the Bridgewater Tide has ever had. In four hours of swimming, we were able to raise $10400.00, more than double last year's amount! We would like to thank all 51 swimmers who swam or raised money for our fundraiser - that's 19 more than last year!

In the next few weeks, swimmers who raised different amounts of money will be receiving their Swim-A-Thon prizes. All swimmers who raised money and/or participated in the Swim-A-Thon will receive a Swim-A-Thon cap. We had ten swimmers cross the threshold of $150, and they will receive a Swim-A-Thon t-shirt. We had twelve swimmers cross the threshold of $300, and they will receive a Swim-A-Thon hoodie. We also had six swimmers raise more than $400, so they will receive some prizes from USA Swimming in addition to their BWTD Hoodie.

As I had mentioned during the kickoff meetings and in my newsletters, the top five fundraisers would receive a free hour-long lesson from either Coach David or Coach Kellyanne (their choice). Those top five were Joey Huang ($665), Elliot Kalafer ($730.50), Caleb Kalafer ($730.50), Anna Hinerman ($1020), and Mithran Moses ($1225). Mithran is also our grand-prize winner, and will receive an iPad Pro for all the funds he raised. Congratulations to you all on your hard work raising so much money!

Most importantly, the winner of the group pizza party are the Tidal Waves and Bronze Groups, who collectively raised $5490.50 - over 350 more than the entire team last year. Thank you so much for raising so much! Enjoy your pizza!

We will be using our Swim-A-Thon earnings in a variety of ways. 5% of the earnings will be sent to the USA Swimming Foundation to help grow swimming nationwide. We will also be using some of our funds to hold a breakfast for our Rising Tide Special Olympics team. A portion of this year’s funds will be going to help our Sunkissed Invitational qualifiers pay for their trip to North Carolina. We are going to be using some of the funds to buy software and equipment for meet hosting to move forward with our long term goal to host our first meet. Finally, we are looking into using some of our funds to purchase new blocks for the bubble, which will benefit all the practice groups who use that pool to train as well as our Summer Tide swimmers when we take down the bubble. We are excited to be using the funds you helped raise to help grow and improve our team!

I am hoping that next year we can get even more participation. Our 2019 Swim-A-Thon had 51 swimmers – about 40% of the team. If we could get to 50-100%, imagine how much we could raise for ourselves and for USA Swimming!

Thank you again for an incredibly successful Swim-A-Thon fundraiser. We could not have done it without your commitment and generosity.


Coach David