How to: RSVP to Meets/Events and Sign Up for Jobs/Volunteering at the Meets/Events


1.       Go to

2.       Login to your account

3.       Go to Meets/Events tab

4.    Click on "Team Events"

5.       Scroll down to the event/meet 
             Ex: Summer TIDE Only: Home Meet vs. Metuchen Blue


6.       Click on the event
             **Please make sure you read ALL the event/meet information (when, where, times, age restrictions, etc.) including attachments if there are any


7.       On the top right of the screen you will see ‘Accept/Decline’ (or Edit Commitment) and ‘Job Signup’

8.       To RSVP for the swim meet you need to click on the Accept/Decline button

a.       You will click on the member you are declaring for

b.       Under ‘*Declaration’ you will either select

                                                                     i.       Yes, please sign [swimmer] up for this event – or –

                                                                   ii.       No, thanks, [swimmer] will NOT attend this event

c.       You can also put in notes that the coaches can see if you want to

d.       Click the ‘Save Changes’ button on the bottom right side

e.       It will either say see next to the member name ‘committed’, or ‘declined’

9.       To volunteer for the swim meet jobs you will follow Steps 1-6 then click on ‘Job Signup’

a.       On the left side of the screen you will see a list of the open jobs

b.       On the right side will be a [box]  ------------- 

c.       Click on the [box] of the job you want to do

d.       On the left side you will see the ‘Signup’ button. Click that button

e.       You will be prompted to ‘Please Supply Your Volunteer’s Information’.

f.        Once that is complete click ‘Sign Up’ on the bottom right side.

g.       To remove yourself from a job if you realize you can no longer do it. 

                                                                     i.       Follow steps 1-6 & 8

                                                                   ii.       Click on the [box] with your name next to it

                                                                 iii.       Go to the left side of the screen and click on the ‘Remove Signup’ button

                                                                 iv.       You may be prompted to confirm it. Click ‘Yes’