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  1. Meets/Events tab: is where you will find all current and future team meets and team events.  This is also where you will sign up to attend meets and events.  Please see the instructions below.
  2. Team Calendar tab: will show you a month by month schedule with all canceled or changed practices and upcoming meet and events for the month.  A weekly email will also be sent out by the head coach.
  3. Athlete Information tab: will show all our practice groups and their practice days and times.  The different practice groups.  Meet results and time standards.
  4. Payment Info tab: breaks down all payments for returning swimmers for each new season.
  5. News tab: posts achievements by our swimmers, and general news relating to our program

Volunteering at Swim Meets:

  1. All parents on the team must adhere to our parent volunteer requirements
  2. Volunteer responsibilities are typically limited to timing, however, when we are the meet host, we will have a number of other responsibilities that will need to be filled by parents.
  3. We will do our best to be as equitable as possible with our volunteer assignments.
  4. Failure to adhere to volunteer requirements will result in financial penalty.

Attending a Swim Meet:

  1.  Attending meets is an expectation for all groups
  2. Swimmers should arrive at the meet facility 15 minutes prior to the start of meet warm ups
  3. Swimmers are expected to wear team gear, team suit and cap at all meets.
  4. Swimmers are expected to wear exclusively TYR racing gear.
  5. Swimmers are expected to keep our team area neat and clean and be on their best behavior

Meet Sign Up Instructions:

  1. Go to the “Meet/Events” tab and click on it
  2. Go to the Meet and click “Attend this Meet”
  3. Use comments section to indicate the days you WILL ATTEND
  4. Indicate events you want to participate in by clicking the corresponding box. Remember to entry events based on the maximum number of events allowed per day.  Please note that "Open " events are for 15 years and older.
  5. Coaches have final say choosing any event

Team Uniform and Gear:

  1. All swimmers are required to have the team suit and cap.  Additional Team caps will be provided during the season for a minimal additional charge of $5.  All other team apparel is optional.  Team equipment and apparel can be ordered on
  2. Required equipment by groups; (please refer to the registration packet)
  3. Swimmers are expected to wear exclusively TYR racing gear.

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