Meets are announced through email, which include a tentative schedule provided by the meet host and a deadline to decline. 

You can also view all upcoming events on the Events page.

Select a meet to find detailed information about each meet, including dates, times, and locations.

Entry deadlines are normally two weeks prior to the event, but in some cases require entry well in advance. When meets are announced last-minute the coaches will push extra reminders so that families can plan.

Warmup and final schedules are emailed to participants after all entries are accepted. 

Heat and Lane assignments are distributed the day of the meet and are available through the meet host or on the Meet Mobile app.



Because Scarlet prioritizes competition, coaches automatically commit swimmers to every swim meet. 

Parents are responsible for changing their commitment before the deadline. You can change to only attend certain days or decline the entire event. See "To Decline To Attend a Meet" below.   

Some swim meets may be restricted, and only swimmers who meet certain age or time qualifications will be invited to a swim meet. Meets with no restrictions will be labeled ALL AGES; NO QUALIFYING TIMES. Meets that require certian "cut" times will be labeled CUT MEET; QUALIFYING TIMES WILL BE ENFORCED.  

If your swimmer does not qualify for an event, they will not be entered. You can check this by going to the  Events  page or the On Deck app. If your swimmer is not listed as entered or if you try to accept and it says "your swimmer does not qualify for this event" you know that they cannot attend.

Meet fees are charged to the swimmers’ family account when entries are submitted to the host team. Since the host team charges based on the entries, meet fees cannot be refunded after the entry deadline, even if the swimmer does not swim one or more events at the meet, regardless of the reason for not swimming (including illness, injury, weather, etc.).



  • Log in to your Team Unify Account and go to the Events link on the menu bar.

  • Click on the “Attend/Decline” button associated with the meet. 

    • ​An Athlete Sign up window opens with information about the meet. Clicking on the meet name in this window gives you information about the meet itself (event list, ages, distances, etc.).

    • You will also be able to access the sanctioned meet documentation showing location, warm-up times, awards, entries limits, etc., published by the host team. It is very important that you carefully read through this information before committing to attend the meet. Questions about the sanctioned meet information should be directed to the Head Coach.

  • Click on each Swimmer's name. In the dropdown menu, select "No, thans, [Swimmer] will not attend this event. Be sure to save your changes, or the swimmer's entry will not be removed.

  • A dialog box is also available for special messages, such as days your swimmer cannot attend a certain session, restrictions in times available, or your desire that your swimmer not participate in relays. 

Submit entry commitments by the deadline stated on the event. We must have timely entries for relay assignments, and to ensure swimmers are in appropriate events. Coaches reserve the right to add or delete entries that are appropriate for each swimmer and have final say on all individual events and relays.

There is normally a limit to the number of individual and relay entries any swimmer may swim in the meet invitation. Normally for regular swim meets it is 3 or 4 individual and 1 relay event per day. Prelim and final invitational and state championships usually limit to 3 per day and up to 7 individual events per meet. 

There are no minimum events one can enter, but it is recommended that a swimmer race as many events as he/she is able.

If you need to cancel meet participation after the entry deadline no refund of fees will be provided.



Scarlet swimmers/families are responsible for all meet entry fees. These may include individual event fees, relay fees, and facility and splash fees. Prices vary and are specified in the meet information provided by the meet host. Meet fees are paid to the host team by Scarlet when the swimmers' entries are submitted. Each swimmer’s total meet fees are then charged to the swimmer’s family account at the time entries are submitted. Meet fees will not be refunded, even if the swimmer does not swim one or more events at the meet, regardless of the reason for not swimming (including illness, injury, weather, etc.).  

Relay fees are charged to the four swimmers comprising the relay team. If your swimmer becomes unable to swim in a relay, please notify the Meet Coach as soon as possible, so that another swimmer may be substituted on the relay team. Failure to notify the coach on deck at the meet of a swimmer’s inability to swim the relay will result in the swimmer being charged the entire relay fee. The team is charged whether we swim the relay or not. 

Scarlet families must provide and pay for their own transportation and/or make their own carpooling arrangements. Scarlet families are also responsible for reserving and paying for their own lodging. When possible, Scarlet reserves limited blocks of hotel rooms for out-of-town meets at discounted rates, available on a first-come-first-served basis. Information about blocks of hotel rooms will be posted on the Scarlet website.

Additional fees that may be incurred at a meet include admission fees and purchase of heat sheets, which show the event, heat, and lane a swimmer is participating in.