Scarlet Aquatics (Bayonne) offers training and practice groups for swimmers generally ready for USA Swimming level competition. We offer technique based training that becomes more challenging as a swimmer advances training groups and swims faster and further. It is the goal of Scarlet coaches to develop the career swimmer over the long term.


Our tryout criteria are:

  • Swim 6x25 yards freestyle comfortably and consecutively on 10 seconds rest, keeping face in water, side breathing, and without stopping
  • Swim 6x25 yards backstroke comfortably and consecutively on 10 seconds rest and without stopping
  • Perform 25's streamline kick on back and belly holding streamline body position throughout and without stopping
  • Kick 50 yards flutter kick with a kickboard in 1:40 or faster
  • Deep water safe
  • Excellent focus and listening skills while in a group, positive willingness to try all skills.
  • Those who have prior experience on swim teams will be assigned a training group that is appropriate to their ability level.


We accept tryouts and new swimmers on a year-round basis.

If you are interested in learning more about our program and scheduling a tryout, please contact Assistant Coach Jessica Beach

Email: [email protected]

Phone: (503) 559-0344