Stingray Scoop 1/22/2019

Kirk Bobash
Jan 22, 2019
Hunterdon County YMCA
Stingray Scoop 1/22/2019

Dear Swimmers and Families,

I hope you are able to stay warm in this crazy weather! Nothing like having your nostrils freeze the second you step outside.

Swimmers, please remember to wear a hat on the day/evenings you are practicing and stepping outside in the cold. I don’t want to let my ‘mom side’ show’ll catch a cold! We want you all to stay healthy.

Thank you all for your patience in negotiating our facility maintenance and air quality issues. All homes need upkeep, and ours is not any different. I know it seems like it is a never-ending issue, but please be assured that is at the forefront of concern, and we are diligently organizing short and long-term solutions. I have spoken with many coaches and facility managers to get their input, some of which are using alternative methods such as BioOX (and are unhappy with the results). The truth is, the issues we are facing are not new ones in the aquatics world. They are not great ones, and we would be ever so happy to be rid of them completely- for the sake of our swimmers if not for our own. The quality has ebbed and flowed over time, and right now we are in another dipping point. We are going to do all that is possible to keep our swimmers safe. That is our priority as coaches, mentors, and community leaders.

The first line of defense has been to be vigilant with keeping the air vents clear around the perimeter of the pool. These areas are frequently blocked with gear bags, which slows down air flow to the evacuator. In addition, over the past 2 months, our maintenance staff has been working after hours when the pool is out of use to clear and purify the system. There are also plans for major improvements to be made to the evacuator system as a whole. We have purchased and implemented an Air Mover fan that has been placed near fresh air supply. This fan produces 3,600 CFM and the design of the low-to-the ground airway pushes air out and away from the surface of the water. We have also required all swimmers J2 and up to rinse off before entering the pool for practice. Sweat and other impurities contribute to a rise in chloramines, giving way to the abrasive ambient air.


  • Due to the high volume of meets taking place at RVCC in the coming weeks, the schedule for Seniors, Little Stingrays, Little Stingrays Prep, and Stingrays Prep will be amended for the rest of the season- February 15. Unless otherwise notified, practices will adhere to the schedule as attached to this email.

  • Please remember that Senior’s Sunday pool practice is now from 5:00-7:45pm. This is the new “normal.”

  • Mark your calendars! The Special Olympics Meet is just around the corner! We had such a great time volunteering as a team last year, and it would be awesome to do it again. The date will be March 16 from 4-8pm.

  • Merchandise for the Silver Championships is now available for pre-order:

Bronze Championships: All adult members of the team are required for AT LEAST 1 SESSION to help execute this championship. We rely on, and are so grateful to all of our volunteers for this meet. It is a privilege that our team is hosting a championship meet, and we would like to have everything running smoothly. WHETHER YOUR CHILD IS SWIMMING IN THE MEET OR NOT- YOUR ATTENDANCE IS IMPERATIVE. This includes families who qualify out, as well as 8&under families. Jobs that have not been chosen by 1/28 will be distributed to families that have not yet signed up to work.

Job signups are NOW OPEN. Please check if your volunteered to donate drinks since we have leftovers from Stingray Splash and the needs were changed.

  *Please remember to book your hotel for Silver/State Championships. Links are provided on the events page*

For Championship meets:


  • When looking at events to sign-up for, please note that if your time is RED- it is not a qualifying time and will not be accepted. If your time is BLACK- you have a qualifying time.

  • If your swimmers has 5 or more qualifying times for a higher meet, you may NOT participate in the preceding meet.


Example: Swimmer has 2 Bronze cuts and 5 Silver cuts. May NOT participate in Bronze.

Upcoming HCY Events:

2/2- 8&Under Championships @ RVCC   

2/9-2/10- Bronze Championships @ Raritan Bay YMCA   

2/15- LAST DAY OF FALL/WINTER SEASON  *Unless swimmer has qualified for meets AFTER this date.

2/15-2/17- Silver Championships @ GCIT   

2/22-2/24- 12&Under State Championships @ OCY   

2/23-2/24- NJ Silver/Bronze Championships   

3/2-3/3- 13-19 Silver/Bronze NJS Championships

3/7-3/10- 13&Over State Championships   

3/22-3/24- NJS 11-14 JO’s 


Upcoming HCY Birthdays:

Lily Meijer        HAPPY BIRTHDAY-Today!! 

Samantha Yannaccone           HAPPY BIRTHDAY-Today!! 

HCY Swimming (@hcyswimming) is on Instagram! If you have any photos you’d like posted, please send them to me for review.  

Be well,           

Coach Ruby

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