"No Excuses" 

What does it mean?  It's obvious in anyone's interpretation that you can create a reason of why something happened or didn't happen.  It goes way beyond that here at Lakeland Hills.

Ian O'Neill was a swimmer on LHY in the 90's.  When meeting Ian, you would notice how friendly and funny he was with his friends and teammates.  He had a magnetic personality that drew others in.  What you wouldn't notice until he started swimming a practice was that he was living with Cystic Fibrosis, a hereditatry disease that affects the lungs.  Ian had been battling CF most of his life.  Many times he was hospitalized for weeks/months at a time to fight the illness.  He would never use his illness or hospitalizations as an excuse.  After a tough practice or race, if Ian was disappointed in his results, his parents and coaches would point out that he had been in the hospital and to give himself a break.  He would aways respond, "no excuse".  

When Ian finally lost his battle to CF, his parents, Jim and Dottie, sent a letter to the team encouraging them days later.  "I know this is easier said than done, but it would be a further show of friendship to the O'Neill Family, if we heard that every swimmer was in the water, doing their best, and listening to the coaches."

After sharing the letter with the team, one of our families had the "No Excuses" banner made up and delivered it to hang proudly in the pool area to remember and honor our friend and teammate.  We honor him by making no excuses.