History of Lakeland Hills YMCA Competitive Swimming

Lakeland Hills opened its doors on Fanny Road in 1971 with a six lane pool, locker rooms and a few offices. Since then the Y and the team have grown considerably. With a continuous line of quality coaches, the team has established a history of excellence throughout the Middle Atlantic Region of the United States. The Y has a winning tradition in the State Meet and the East Field Regional Meet; second to none. Lakeland Hills has produced many outstanding athletes, including Olympic Trial qualifiers and four individual Y National Champions. Our swimmers not only excel in the pool, but also in the classroom. Swimmers’ success at LHY and academic prowess has helped make it possible for them to be accepted into many distinguished schools. Our commitment is to excellence, not only in the pool, but also in life.

LHY Swim Team Goal Statement

The goal of the LHY swim team is to provide swimmers the opportunity to develop their individual potential to the fullest and to improve their competitive skills. This is done while giving each swimmer the chance to experience the satisfaction of success in a fun and nurturing environment. A full team effort is important at every meet, with every swimmer receiving the support of the team and coaches.


As always, the Parents Committee and the Coaching Staff are attempting to keep parents and swimmers informed and organized. Essentially, everything you will need to know will be in the LHY Parent Guide. During the course of the season, you will receive additional information via email and on the team website. Such as updated season schedules, newsletters, dual meet assignments, and the team roster. We have devoted considerable time and effort in this project to make your participation in the LHY swim program easier and to keep you well informed. This guide has proven to be an excellent communication tool for the team.
Of course we recognize that face-to-face communication is an important part of the swim program. The guide should help answer many questions, but always feel free to ask questions of the Parents Committee officers and the coaching staff. We also encourage you to attend the open forums.


The Lakeland Hills YMCA Swim Team Parents Committee, whose membership includes all swimmers' parents, assists in many aspects of the LHY swim team program. During the swim season, activities include supporting and assisting the coaching staff, fund raising, purchasing of equipment, setting up and running meets and the management of equipment. To perform all the tasks needed to be done to help run a near 225 member swim program, volunteers are always needed.
The parents' efforts are greatly appreciated by the coaches and swimmers. The Y Swim Team is a YMCA program, and the coaches are employed by the YMCA. The Parents Committee is designed to support the coaches and enhance the swimming program. All coaching concerns should always be referred to the coaching staff, since it is not the responsibility of the Parents Committee. Please refer to "Parent-Coach Guidelines" as to the procedure for having your concerns addressed in regard to coaching.

The Parents Association is represented by a ten member board, which provides administrative, financial and general support for the Y's swim team program. All parents need to get involved and take an active role in making the program a fun and rewarding experience. We urge you to attend the parents’ meetings that are held during the swim season and to contact any member of the Parent Committee if you have questions or concerns. Your interest and support of our team contribute to and are important to the success of LHY swimming.