The Lakeland Hills Family YMCA is a membership association; therefore all LHY swimmers must have a current full privilege LHY membership. This must be established prior to the first day of practice. The cost of a Membership can be obtained from the front desk. All new members or those who have let their membership expire for more than 60 days are required to pay a joining fee. Information regarding membership benefits may be obtained from the front desk. Swimmers swimming without a membership will not be allowed to practice after September 15.

Team fees are established prior to the start of the season. These fees pay for pool time, coaches’ salaries, bus transportation, end of the year banquet, awards, supplies, equipment purchases and administrative expenses. Swim team fees are established for each practice group and are based on the amount of practice time. Parents will be informed of the practice group and fees at the beginning of the season. The coaches reserve the right to change a swimmer’s practice group as the season progresses. Adjustments with respect to fees will be made accordingly.

IMPORTANT NOTE: Team fees need to be paid on time or a $25 fine will be levied, unless special arrangements have been made in advance with the head coach.


Each swimmer will have an meet entry fee account established through an initial deposit from his/her parent, made at the front desk. This account will be used to pay entry fees to invitational and championship meets and eliminates the need to have parents write multiple checks for these events. Should the balance of this account fall below $0.00, the swimmer will not be allowed to participate in the meets until the account is brought up to date. Account summaries are made available each month through a billing invoice. An initial $100 deposit is recommended for 9/over. A deposit of $50 is recommended for 8/unders.


Scholarships for fees are available through the Gibson Endowment as well as the Give A Kid the Y campaign program. Individuals requesting scholarship information or special payment schedules should contact the Head Coach. Please do this early in September to avoid any problems. All special payment plans must be requested in writing by September 30.


Deposit within 1 week of tryout results being posted.

1st payment in September, and due monthly through December.

NOTE: Penalty fees will be charged to any fees that are paid late unless prior arrangements were made.



As noted throughout this handbook, volunteerism is a requirement for your child’s participation on the Lakeland Hills Swim Team. Parents must work a minimum of two dual meets and take on one team responsibility as outlined in the volunteer form. Additionally, LHY may host an invitational meet, each family is required to provide support either before, during or after this meet to ensure the team is able to fulfill its duties as host. Failure to fulfill any of these duties may result in your swimmer not being invited back to tryout for the team for the next season. Every attempt will be made to match individual volunteer preferences with specific needs.  If you are unable to fulfill your assignment, it is your responsibility to find a replacement.

The tryout policy is in place in order to create a fair and level tryout competition. All swimmers 12/under, regardless of number of years with LHY Swimming, will have to tryout every summer in order to make the team.  Swimmers that are 13/older that are in good standing with the team will be able to secure their spot on the team with a non-refundable deposit.   The reason we must have swimmers try out is that we are limited in our pool space and pool time and can’t accommodate more that 225 swimmers on our team. This is a highly competitive regional and national program that attracts many talented, young swimmers every year.



Members of LHY Swimming are expected to maintain an attendance greater than 80% in order to be eligible to train and compete.  If a swimmer is not at practice enough, he/she is not gaining enough conditioning and opportunity to develop skills to be prepared to compete.  It is at the coach's discretion to put a swimmer on probation or suspension until the attendance is satisfactory.  If attendance continues to be unsatisfactory, the swimmer may be dismissed from the team.




All members of the LHY swim team are asked to observe the following rules;

·           All swimmers are expected to conduct themselves in a proper manner during the entire season. All swimmers must understand that they are representing the Lakeland Hills Family YMCA as well as their parents, the coaches, and the team.

·           Swimmers are expected to support each other and the team in practice and meets. Teasing and alienating a child will not be tolerated. Swimmers should treat each other the way they would like to be treated themselves. Swimmers should resolve any unpleasantness by themselves as much as possible, but the coaching staff will become involved as necessary.

·           Smoking, drinking, use of illegal substances and use of foul language will not be tolerated.

·           There is to be no willful destruction of property. If such occurs, the swimmer and his/her their parents will be held responsible. We encourage all swimmers to report any damage to the coaches immediately.

·           At swim meets, both home and away, all people associated with the LHY Swim Team, including swimmers, coaches, staff and parents, are expected to behave in a manner that is reflective of the YMCA philosophy of competitive sports. Competitive sports participants learn by example. Therefore parents, coaches, officials and administrators should set the best possible example.

·           Swimmers must shower before practice. After practice, swimmers must dry off and ring out bathing suits in the shower area. This is for the safety of Y members and staff. Large pools of water in the locker room will not be tolerated.

If these rules are not upheld, the person(s) involved will meet with the team coach, YMCA professional and/or parents to discuss the situation and decide on the disciplinary action.

All parents (or designated drivers) are not allowed to park in front of the YMCA. YOU MUST PARK IN THE LOT IF YOU NEED TO WAIT FOR SWIMMERS!

BUS CONDUCT (Dual Meets)

·           All swimmers should ride the bus to and from dual meets. (If a swimmer will NOT be riding on the bus, he/she must have a completed bus form into the coach by the Friday preceding the meet. Copies will be available in lobby bins or from the coach.)

·           All garbage MUST be placed in the provided garbage bags or the garbage can on the bus. DO NOT throw any garbage on the floor, or out of the window.

·           All swimmers must sit in a seat for the entire ride and remain seated until instructed by the coach to stand up. Any swimmer who disobeys the rules or misbehaves, will not be permitted to ride the bus as determined by the Head Coach.

·           The front seats are reserved for the 8 & unders and the traveling coach.


A keystone of the disciplinary policy is that parents and swimmers must firmly understand and acknowledge that each swimmer is responsible for his/her own actions.

During practices the coaches are responsible for the swimmers on the LHY team. If a swimmer is so disruptive (defined as any behavior which requires the full attention of a staff member, thereby interfering with the functioning of the group) during practice that he/she is asked to "sit out" for the remainder of the practice time, he/she must accept the disciplinary procedure of sitting on the pool deck benches and will not be allowed to leave the pool deck unsupervised. The swimmer may not participate (at the coaches’ discretion) in the remainder of practice, but also means that the swimmer will not be allowed to leave the pool area.

The following procedures will be followed:

First Action:A note will be sent to the parents concerning the unacceptable behavior. The parent must arrange for a meeting or phone call with the reporting staff member to discuss the incident prior to the swimmer getting back into the water. The 24 hour rule applies here as well, with both parties waiting 24 hours before discussing the situation. Both the parent and the staff member must sign the original note.

Second Action:A phone call will be made to the parents if the swimmer is asked to sit out for an entire practice. A letter will then be given to the parent explaining the unacceptable behavior. The swimmer will be excused from the next three scheduled swim times, which is to include meets. Parents must meet with the coach prior to the child getting back into the water. The parent and head coach must both sign the letter.

Third Action:The same as for the Second Action, except that the number of excused swim times is extended to seven.

Fourth Action:The swimmer is asked to leave the LHY team. No refund of team fees is to be given.