The purpose of the Lakeland Hills Family YMCA Swim Team is to use competition as a means of learning the lifelong values of goal setting and discipline for success. Swimmers will learn to improve their skills as well as learn the value of teamwork and sportsmanship within a competitive atmosphere led by capable coaches. Our coaches exemplify YMCA leaders who strive to build not only character but children who are healthy in bodies, mind and spirit.

The LHY Swim Team has a long tradition of excellence, pride and sportsmanship. I am proud to lead this team into another victorious season and continue the success experienced by all levels of swimmers. I am confident that the professional coaching staff, the Parents’ Association, and the Lakeland Hills YMCA will work harmoniously together to maximize the potential of each and every swimmer.

There are many benefits to your child becoming involved in athletics, particularly in swimming. The experiences gained by an athlete, regardless of age, are used as life lessons that help mold and define the individual. He/she is taught the lessons of commitment, goal setting, hard work, disappointment, and success. How an individual handles the pressures of athleticism, peers, and academics develops his/her sense of self. It is important for you as parents to address the ups and downs your child may experience as an athlete. Give the hugs and wipe the tears or give the high fives and celebrate, but please leave the coaching to the staff. It is difficult for an athlete to learn from his/her mishaps when he/she receives critical feedback from the coaches as well as his/her parents. In order to be blunt and honest with the swimmer in regards to feedback, the coaching staff has to be confident with the parent, and that the parent will be the supportive to his/her child in any scenario. Together we can create a pleasurable learning experience and successful environment.

As we strive to improve the program every year, changes are made to practice schedules, coaches’ schedules, and team policies. Please understand that due to lack of space for dryland and an increased number of athletes involved in the dryland program, it was necessary to exclude parents from viewing practices Monday through Friday. All are welcome to view practices from the balcony on Saturdays and Sundays. Thank you for your understanding and cooperation.



·           To develop the child’s self-esteem and confidence.

·           To improve the swimmer’s listening skills and the ability to follow directions.

·           To help them to relate positively with other teammates.

·           To become proficient in three or more strokes by building a strong foundation of stroke mechanics

·           To develop a positive attitude about swimming.

·           To develop a sense of responsibility and commitment in regard to attendance at practice and dual meets.

·           To educate parents on expectations and abilities of eight and under swimmers.

·           To prepare the swimmer for age group swimming.


·           To continue to develop positive attitudes about swimming.

·           To continue to educate and communicate with parents on expectations and abilities of age group swimmers.

·           To develop a base for conditioning.

·           To become competent in all four strokes through training for the individual medley.

·           To help swimmers develop and understand the importance of setting personal goals.

·           To develop a feeling of team unity.

·           To develop a strong work ethic with discipline in all swimmers.

·           To create active swim team members who have a healthy respect for other teammates, the coaches, and the YMCA as an association.

·           To educate swimmers concerning dryland training techniques.


·           To further develop goal setting using mental imagery.

·           To understand that success is directly related to practice attendance.

·           To demonstrate responsibility and commitment to the team by consistently attending practices and dual meets.

·           To utilize dryland training, in addition to pool practice, for training and conditioning.

·           To provide leadership and positive role models to younger swimmers.

·           To have respect for fellow teammates, the team as a whole, the coaches, and the YMCA as an association.

·           To develop swimming as a life-long sport to be continued through college and beyond.

·           To achieve the rewards of personal growth and satisfaction through volunteer service.

·           To understand training the different energy systems as they relate to races.

Coaches expect all LHY swimmers to behave at all times in a mature and responsible manner. Our swimmers are expected to conduct themselves with the poise, sportsmanship and team spirit needed to keep LHY at the top. LHY team members’ actions reflect upon the entire team and conduct unbecoming to the team will not be tolerated.

Parental support is critical to the success and positive development of each child in the program. We strongly advise parents to foster an enthusiastic and encouraging attitude towards their child’s swimming.

Once on the team, swimmers and parents are responsible for meeting the criteria listed below. Although this year most families who completed the previous season were invited to tryout, all swimmers and parents need to be aware that the following criteria must be met during the upcoming swim Season. Fulfilling responsibilities (or lack of doing so) will determine whether a swimmer will be invited back for the following season.

The criteria are as follows:

1. Must be in good standing with the YMCA.

2. A swimmer must attend practice on a regular basis, with a minimum of 80% attendance.

3. A positive attitude and ability to listen and learn must be present.

4. Parents must work a minimum of two Dual meets and take on one team responsibility based upon the completed volunteer form AND provide support to the team for addition competitions hosted by the Y. PARENT VOLUNTEERISM IS A REQUIREMENT FOR YOUR CHILD’S PARTICIPATION ON THE LAKELAND HILLS FAMILY YMCA SWIM TEAM.

5. Must make all team payments on time.

6. All requested material must be submitted on time.

The coach has the responsibility and authority for prescribing and conducting swim practice, maintaining discipline and motivating swimmers in a positive manner.

Parents have an important role to play in providing a supportive atmosphere for swimmers and the coaching staff. Parental involvement and encouragement are essential ingredients in a successful swimming program. HAVE A POSITIVE ATTITUDE and remember that swimming is only a small part of life, and not the central issue.

To accommodate all parents and swimmers, there is now a procedure for voicing one’s opinions. Please use it as often as needed.

1.      Should parents have a pressing problem or concern or general question with regard to their swimmer, they may address the problem/concern directly with a child’s coach by sending the coach a note or sending the coach an email. This should be used for questions pertaining to your child only (please be advised that coaches will not discuss other children with you). You will receive a response as soon as possible.

2.      If the problem is not resolved after using step 1, you may address the concern to the Competitive Aquatic Director, Ed Soder, via a note or through the coach’s e-mail address.  

3.      Accept the results of steps 1 ,and 2. It is your right to voice your opinion, however, remember team policies are set up for the good of the group and not to injure or hurt any one individual.

4.      If the steps above are not followed, the Competitive Aquatic Director, in consultation with the Swim Team Parents Association Executive board and the LHY Executive Director, may institute disciplinary action. If the result of disregarding the policy outlined above are severe enough, this disciplinary action could include dismissal from the team.

Please feel free to communicate with the coaches, both verbally and through e-mail. Should you need to resolve a problem, use the steps outlined above keeping in mind the following guidelines:

Try to avoid contacting the coach with minor problems. They generally resolve themselves.

Discussing problems with the coach during swim practice or during a swim meet is not acceptable. Parents cannot be in the area designated for coaches during practices and meets.

If the need arises to contact a coach regarding a specific incident, parents are directed to observe the 24 HOUR RULE: YOU ARE ASKED TO WAIT 24 HOURS FOLLOWING AN INCIDENT BEFORE CALLING A COACH DURING OFFICE HOURS*.

Problem resolution is part of growing up. Let your swimmer try first, if possible.

In the pursuit of excellence in swimming for all LHY swimmers, it is hoped that any concerns that arise can be met in a quick, satisfactory manner by having a clear set of steps, which are available to all parents and swimmers. As all swimmers are governed by the same rules, creating consistency can lead to success for everyone.