Life Time Metro Swim Team

Our team is a year-round competitive USA Swimming team offering high quality, professional coaching and technique instruction for all ages and abilities. The goal of our team is to promote a lifetime of wellness through the sport of swimming in a safe and inclusive environment. 

How to Time at Swim Meets


General Guidelines 

 For most away meets we receive timing assignments. They are planned to be 30 minutes per turn. Occasionally they run longer if there are a limited number of MALT/LIFE swimmers attending. 

 For our home meets everyone will have a work assignment, most will be timing. 

 A few days prior to the meet assignments will be posted on top of the meet entry. 

 Check the website as late as possible the night before your assignment to see if there have been any line up changes. 

 If another caregiver is driving your swimmer they are responsible for the assignment even if they already have one. 


Away Meets 

 Only the first timer in each lane checks in at the host's timers table, on the pool deck, upon arrival but at least a half hour before the start of the session. 

 Only the first timer in each lane attends the timers meeting approximately a half hour before the start of the meet. 

 If there are scratches the day of the meet use the on call list starting with the first name and proceeding from there. If no on call timers are left extend the existing timers shifts accordingly. 

 If you are the last timer for the session and using an MALT/LIFE watch give it to a MALT/LIFE coach. Otherwise turn it into the timers table along with the clipboard. 

 Take note of when the session starts and estimate when you should be down on the pool deck. Be courteous of the other caregivers and show up on time for your shift. No one is going to come and tell you it's time, the responsibility is yours. 

 It is a good idea to find and introduce yourself to the timer before and after you if possible. If you are unsure who they are ask your swimmer to ask their swimmer to point them out for you. 


Home Meets 

 All timers, including On Call/Marshall's check in at the head table upon arrival. 

 A general timers meeting will be held for everyone before the start of the meet. 


Mechanics of Timing 

 Each lane will have two timers. One will have a stopwatch and clipboard for recording times. One will have the stopwatch and the plunger. 

 For the manual watch think 'Start, Stop, Reset'. Press the button on the right at the start of the race. Press the same button to stop the watch. Record time. Press the button on the left to clear/reset the watch. Never press the top button! 

 If you have the clipboard confirm swimmers name matches the heat sheet to be sure they are in the correct heat/lane before they get up on the block. If there is ever a question and no time to check with the Starting Official record their name and let them swim. Then correct later with the Starter. 

 Record the time on your watch and that of your timing partner in the same order each race. 

 At the start of each heat have a clear view of the Starting Official and the starting strobe light. When you see the light start you watch. Step close to the pool at the end of the race so you have a clear view of the wall and when any part of the swimmers body touches the wall stop the watch. 

 If you have the plunger press it only at the end of the race along with your stopwatch. 

 If something has gone wrong and you won't be able to get a time raise your hand to call for the