What can a swimmer expect from the Monmouth Barracudas Swim Club?

Our swimmers can expect an opportunity to learn how hard work, discipline and dedication will affect their lives; both in the pool and out of the water. They will be challenged and encouraged by their coaches to give their best effort, in practice and in competition. Most importantly, our swimmers can expect to have fun. They will meet new friends, become proud of their achievements, and learn important skills that will help them flourish - in the pool and in life.

What does the Monmouth Barracudas Swim Club Expect from its Swimmers?

The Monmouth Barracudas Swim Club expects two things from our swimmers: participation and respect. We expect our swimmers to attend practice as much as possible and to represent their team at swim meets. We also expect our swimmers to treat their coaches, fellow teammates and other team's swimmers with the utmost respect.

How do I make the Monmouth Barracudas Swim Club travel team?

The Monmouth Barracudas offers the opportunity for swimmers to travel to different venues both in state and out of the state of New Jersey. It is our belief that travel is an important aspect of the sport of swimming as it excites swimmers to work towards specific standard time, allows athletes to understand the dedication of a collegiate swimmer and opens the door for new experiences for athletes. Qualifications for the travel team are a set time standard based upon the meets the team will be traveling to.

 Previous travel trips include but are not limited to:

 Sydney, Australia,

Honolulu, Hawaii,

 San Diego California,

Orlando, Florida,

Tampa, Florida,

Lancaster, Pennsylvania

Membership FAQ


Fall Season Scholarship:

The club recognizes the need to provide scholarship opportunities for swimmers who fall below the federally set free and reduced lunch income scale.  The scope and duration of the scholarships will be determined by the current fundraising and financial condition of the club. Please contact Head Coach Paul Buerck for further information.

Graduating Class Scholarships: Opportunities for graduating seniors to apply for a scholarship to continue education. The scholarship receipients are based upon application submissions and scholarship criteria.

College Swimmers

Club members who continue to swim at the collegiate level are always welcome to return and train with the Monmouth Barracudas and the Senior group.  We encourage our returning swimmers to be role models for our developing swimmers by demonstrating leadership, commitment, and responsibility.  College swimmers must be registered athletes through USA Swimming and are responsible for all meet fees

Family Commitment Policy per Season

Why require a family commitment?  Monmouth Barracuda Swim Club coaches are paid, professional coaches. Volunteers perform all other club functions.  It takes a great deal of manpower to run our meets.  Without the revenue from our volunteer-staffed meets, all dues would need to increase by 20% or more.  Your volunteer hours enable us to keep a cap on our yearly dues while still providing an optimal experience for your swimmer.  All families are required to work our four home meets and four away meets as well as all championships!

Practice Equipment Requirements

As in any other sport or activity, swimming requires specific practice equipment as well as a team competition suit.. All team swimmers are required to purchase basic practice equipment, determined by their practice group.  Each groups equipment requirement can be found under our practice groups. 

All practice equipment can be purchased at our tryout night August 5th or online at Ultimate Swim Shop.

Required and Optional Apparel


  • Competition Suit (Can only be purchased through the Ultimate Swim Shop.
  • Team Cap for swim meets (each swimmer will receive a team latex cap at the beginning of the season)
    • additional caps can be purchased year round and billed to the member's account
      • Latex Cap = $6
      • Silicone Cap = $12
    • Contact a Coach if a new cap is needed.
  • Basic Team Shirts (It is required that swimmers to wear Barracuda gear at swim meets)


Many swimmers have much more apparel than stated above.  The below items are optional, but we encourage all swimmers to have more than just the basic grey shirt as we require all swimmers to wear team apparel at swim meets.

  • We will offer a variety of different purchasing opportunities throughout the season also.  Items include embroidered hoodies, beanies, a variety of t-shirts, and other fun options and posted on our team store.