The GMYSTPO coordinates a number of general fundraisers throughout the season to raise money for the social events we host for the team swimmers including: Holiday Party, Championship Pasta Party, and End of Season Swim Team Banquet.  

This Year's General Fundraisers Include:

  • On-line Shopping (Year Round)
    • Shop on using our team account.  Throughout the year, buy your swim gear and any other items they sell.  A percentage of your purchases will be donated to our team - at no cost to you! 
  • Car Magnet Sale (Ongoing)
    • 1 Magnet - $6.00 each/ 2 or more Magnets - $5.00 each 
    • Contact Susan Pittaro: [email protected] for more information
  • Swim-A-Thon (date TBD)
    • The annual Swim-A-Thon is a fun way for swimmers to raise money without selling merchandise.  Swimmers ask for pledges from family and friends and swim laps for 60 minutes.  They can see how many laps they can swim in the hour timeframe. 100% of the donations go to our swim team.  
  • GMY Harvest Invitational (TBD)
    • Our biggest fundraiser of the year is this invitational swim meet that we host at our
    • YMCA on Saturday and Sunday of Thanksgiving weekend.



In addition, monies from certain fundraisers help fund Championship Season Expenses including: championship season t-shirts and swim caps, Sunkissed Invitational clothing and swim caps, and YMCA Nationals clothing and swim caps.  

This Year's Championship Season Fundraisers include:

  • Chipotle Dinner Fundraiser (TBD)
  • ShopRite Grocery Bagging 
  • Captain's Bake Sales

For details on each fundraising effort, click on the item under the Fundraising menu.