To the new 2019-2020 short course season.  I want to let you know that this season brings multiple opportunities to achieve. 

MEY/SABY swimming has been built in the past to have fun, train hard, and experience Team. We have expanded these values to make the team more exciting and our achievements show that. With the right stroke training and good body control, the path is endless.  Along with the idea of having fun, we can go further and further into the swimming world.

We have a solid coaching staff in place.  They bring many new ideas to reach these goals.  The confidence and the expertise will help all the Manta Rays find that certain level and then achieve new ones.  The coaches are well aware of what it takes to excel as a strong unit; whether it be in a dual meet, age group competition, or on the national level.

This season, as well as all the seasons, success can only be built if all the tools are in place.  We need all the volunteer help we can get, including help from the parent group, swimmers, and coaches, in order to make this a very successful season.

Get involved and let the coaches train and develop the swimmers to do their very best.  We as a group can enjoy the season watching our swimmers be all they can!  Always remember… what you put into practice will show up on race day!

It’s “Go Time” now and let’s have as much fun as we can, train hard, and become that awesome team that we are…..

Jim Pertrozziello

Head Coach MEY/SABY

​Link to records.