Meets cannot be run without officials.  The results do not count for our swimmers if there are fewer than the minimum number of officials needed to run a meet. 

We are in dire need of officials at this time. 

It is quite easy to become an official.  There is class that is given several times in the fall and an on-line, open-book test.  Once you pass the on-line test, you become an apprentice official for several meets, and off you go!  We encourage every family to have a parent/guardian/grandparent train to be an official.  The pool deck is the coolest place in the building, has the best views of the swimmers, officials get free food (at invitational meets) and sometimes preferred parking! (Great Turkey, Strong Kids, States, etc).  And of course, you get your own heat sheet and do not pay for admission if you are an official.  All officials are volunteers.  

Even if your time is somewhat limited, we need you.  You are not required to official at every meet, only the ones that you can.  So if you travel for work or work some weekends, there are still opportunities to help out as an official.  Most officials work only the meets that they attend with their swimmers.

If you are interested in becoming an official, talk to the head coach, or anyone who is an MYM official.