Whether you are a returning family or new to the Dolphins Swim Team, welcome! The success of this team is a group effort. Our greatest resource is YOU! Through volunteering in two different ways, you help our meets run more smoothly and make the MYM Dolphins a better organization. Swimming is a sport unlike all other youth sports because SWIM MEETS ARE RUN BY PARENTS, not paid refs, or umpires, Y Staff or other officials, only parents (and sometimes grandparents and guardians). You can choose varying levels of involvement, but there is a baseline that everyone must commit to, or the competitions cannot occur.  Each family has an obligation to both assist in running swim meets (Dual Meets and Invitational Meets) and to assist in the running/organization of the MYM Dolphins. At least one parent/guardian from each swim family on the team is expected to participate on a working committee and/or help at the hosted meets. We ask that every family volunteer at least 20 hours at swim meets over the course of the year.

The material contained in the Parents' tab outlines how you can be a great swim parent, how to sign up for meets, how to volunteer, and provides a lot of other important information.

A great team is a product of the commitment of the parents/guardians, coaches and swimmers. 

Please Support Team Fundraisers 

During the year, the Parents' Association conducts several fundraising events. Such events include a swim challenge and hosting swim meets. The funds raised are used to help defray some of the costs for the Annual Awards Banquet, the YMCA National Championship Team, other social activities, and for annual maintenance of the timing system, team computer, etc. and the purchase of equipment.  All monies raised during these events benefit the program and the swimmers, so 100% participation is strongly encouraged.  Whether as a generous donor or as a volunteer at a hosted invitational meet, your participation is crucial to the success of our team!