Observing Practice (Spectators are not currently allowed due to Covid protocols)

Parents are encouraged to watch practice from time to time. Here are some important guidelines when observing practice.

First, young swimmers want parental approval more than anything in the world. For swimmers to learn as much as possible during practice, it is imperative that coaches have each swimmer’s undivided attention. Please do not communicate with your swimmer during practice and do not compete with the coach for your swimmer’s attention.

Second, we insist that parents do not interrupt the coaches on deck while they are coaching. If you need to communicate with a coach, please do so before or after practice (if they are not coaching another group). Scheduling an appointment with the coach is ideal.

Third, our coaches spend a considerable amount of time planning weekly training sessions for each of their practice groups. Every training set or instructional drill has a purpose. One practice and/or practice set often builds on another during each week. If you have not watched all of the practice sessions, you may not understand the purpose of what the swimmers are doing on any given day.

Finally, please do not try and coach or advise your swimmer based on what you see (or think you don’t see) him/her do during practice. Many times when teaching stroke skills, coaches ask their swimmers to do things that may not look correct or actually might be illegal during competition. However, the drills have an important purpose in teaching skills. Swimming a one-arm butterfly stroke or using a flutter kick with breaststroke are examples of drills with a specific purpose.

To reiterate, please stay off the pool deck during practices, and do not attempt to coach your swimmer based on what you observe at practice.

Parents should watch practice from the observation deck of the large pool or the bleachers outside of the small pool.

  • Note: Please make sure siblings at the practice are safe, courteous, and well-behaved at all facilities. Also, please make sure the area is clean before leaving.