How We Communicate

The MYM Dolphins Website is our primary vehicle for communicating with swimmers and parents/guardians.  News will be posted and emails will be generated from the website to keep everyone informed of swim team news. 

There is a filing cabinet on the observation deck above the pool containing file folders for each family.  Sometimes, information or ribbons and medals are distributed through the folders.  It is the swimmer's responsibility to check the family folder.  A good faith effort will be made to announce when information and awards are disseminated in this manner.

Inform the Coach in Writing If . . .

Please inform Head Coach Alex Boutov or your child's Group Coach by email if s/he will be missing practice or meets for any reason if the absence is to be longer then 3 days. Please do this as soon as you are aware of the dates even if you have already mentioned it to us in passing or on deck. We will not remember. Also, call or e-mail Alex if a swimmer’s illness will preclude him/her from competing in a meet.

It is important to avoid sending any information verbally through other swimmers or parents to avoid confusion or miscommunication and all should communicate directly as indicated above. 

To Schedule a Meeting with a Coach

Please feel free to schedule an appointment with Coach Alex with questions and/or concerns. You may also contact them by phone or email throughout the season. However, please avoid trying to meet with the coaches during, just prior to or just after practices or meets. 

NOTE – Quite often emails are sent to coaches on the day of the meet. Please use your best judgment in communicating with us at the last minute and realize that if the coaching staff is at or traveling to a 2 or 3 day meet they may not have time to check e-mails or YMCA Phone messages. Make sure you get an emergency message to someone else who is attending the meet.