Every swimmer/family who participates with the MONTCLAIR YMCA DOLPHINS SWIM TEAM has an implied agreement to everything in the following Code of Conduct per their registration with the DOLPHINS swim team.  In addition, each team member and his or her parent/guardian are required to sign the following Code of Conduct. It will be included in the Registration Packet to be completed at the beginning of each season.



As a member of the Montclair YMCA Dolphins Swim Team, I understand that membership is a privilege. The honor of that privilege must be upheld by each swimmer’s behavior. It is earned each day by adherence to the expectations as laid out in the team website and this code of conduct.

By signing this document I pledge that I am fully aware of the expectation that the team has placed before me. I am aware that in this document, it is not possible to cover every specific situation or scenario that I as a swimmer will encounter. I will use common sense, common courtesy and sensitivity to the rights of others and will respect all facilities which I may be using.

The Montclair YMCA has adopted the core values of Caring, Honesty, Respect and Responsibility as our focal theme to which all programs should be conducted.

I will act in accordance with the core values of the YMCA

I will act in a responsible manner at all times

I will act in a manner worthy of respect

I will respect others and properties at all times

I will be honest at all times

I will be held accountable for my actions

I will comply with team and pool rules and policies

I will leave things the way I found them

I will act in a safe and intelligent manner at all times

I will be a positive role model and good teammate

I will conduct myself in a positive manner while representing:

  1. Myself and my family
  2. Team chaperones and coaches
  3. The YMCA Swim League and United States Swimming
  4. Montclair YMCA and the Montclair Dolphins Swim Team

I will not cheat, steal or lie

I will not intimidate or engage in physical contact with others

I will not abuse or harass others

I will not use profanity or make derogatory statements

I will not put others in harms way

I will not use or possess controlled or dangerous substances or items

I will not engage in illegal or immoral activities

I will do my best to proudly represent the Montclair YMCA.

Dolphin Pride is vital to the success of the team. I understand that failure to comply with the above conditions in the code of conduct will result in disciplinary action.