Meet Day Guidelines

1.  Swimmers are expected to check email and the team website for last-minute updates and information prior to leaving for a meet.

2.  Arrive on time to the all meets. For invitational and dual meets, arrive at the pool with enough time to get “checked in”, dressed and situated with the team before warm-up is scheduled to begin.

3.  It is imperative that all swimmers arrive at the meets 15 minutes prior to the first scheduled warm-up time for the team.

4.  Swimmers who are not “checked in” will be scratched from the day’s events if they arrive after the check in time.

5.  Warm-up for all meets as a team. A proper warm-up is crucial to the success of a meet.

6.  Arrive at the blocks at least 5 heats before your race.

7.  Try your best and swim hard. It’s ok to be nervous. Many swimmers have pre-race apprehension, especially for events they may not have swum before.

8.  After your race immediately see a member of the coaching staff for feedback. Learning what you did well and understanding areas for improvement will help you become a better swimmer.

9.  Warm-down after each race, if a pool is available.

10.  Relay spots are determined by the coaches.

11.  Sit with the team, you are part of it.

12.  Support and encourage your teammates...before, during, and after their races.

13.  Join in team cheers.

14.  Wear the team cap and either the team suit or a plain black suit. FINA-approved technical suits are permitted for important invitational and championship meets.  If you are or have been on our national team you can wear a white national team cap, but if not, you must wear a RED TEAM CAP. 

15.  For dual meets remain in your team suit until the meet is over and you have finished the team cheer. Since relays are at the end of the meets and are subject to change, do not leave as you may be called upon to swim. For invitational meets stay at the meet until you have received clearance from the coach to leave.