Below are links to useful resources for officials.  Most of the links are to YMCA or USA Swimming sites.  If you notice that a link is not available or out of date, please contact Officials Coordinators Paige Chang at [email protected] or Rasika Abeysinghe at [email protected].


YMCA and USA Swimming sites

YMCA Competitive Swimming and Diving

Official site for National YMCA Competitive Swimming And Diving.  Resources for YMCA Coaches, Officials, Trainers, and Meet Directors.  Go to this site for

  • General officials’ information
  • Rules
  • News and discussion
  • Find classes
  • Take, print tests

YMCA Learning and Career Development Center

Go to this site to

  • Check certification status
  • Print wallet card
  • Find and sign up for classes

New Jersey Swimming

New Jersey Local Swimming Committee (LSC) for USA Swimming.

Go to this site for

  • USA Swimming officials’ registration forms
  • USA Swimming links – Athlete protection training, Deck Pass etc.

USA Swimming

USA Swimming official site

Go to this site for/to


Record keeping

YMCA meet record form

MAY reimbursement form


Meet operations documents

Rule book (USA Swimming)

Miscellaneous documents from USA Swimming

Stroke briefing checklist

Timers briefing checklist

DQ Slip

Relay takeoff


Useful guides and tips

Officials’ uniform rules

Professional Official: Stroke and Turn – tips for stroke and turn officials

Professional Official: Administration Official – tips for AOs

Professional Official: Chief Judge – tips for chief judges

Professional Official: Starter – tips for starters

Professional Official: Referee – tips for referees

Professional Official: Administrative Referee – tips for administrative referees

Starter and deck ref situations and resolutions

Stroke and turn situations and resolutions