Use of the Locker Rooms at FDU is a privilege for the Mariners swimmers and is primarily for use by the FDU population. Yelling, fooling around, or any unsafe/bullying behavior will result in the loss of locker room privileges. We expect the Mariners swimmers to follow the YMCA Code of Conduct while

using any facility, as you are representing the Madison Area YMCA. However, because we are on FDU property, we cannot regulate the behavior of the FDU population. Please remember, this is a college campus and college students are present and will act as such. Please be alert while on campus and report any alarming behavior to campus security.


Please adhere to the following:


When entering the FDU campus please be aware you need to come to a complete stop at the security gate at both the Madison Ave entrance and Park Ave entrance. Please be aware you are not allowed to drive onto the sidewalk curve in front of the Ferguson Recreation Center. Only enter and exit the building from the front door entrance only. Please do not use any other doors to enter the building or leave the building. The door to the pool deck must remain closed at all times; it may not be propped open unless it is done by FDU staff. Swimmers may not use the bathroom alone; all bathroom breaks will be done as a group. Parents are not permitted on the pool deck. Parents may escort their child in the locker room any time. No one is allowed to bring glassware onto the pool deck at any time. No one is allowed to use a heavy stainless steel water bottles on the pool deck at any time. No one is allowed to use the upstairs lobby or classroom in FDU during practice and meets.


Coaches will remain in the lobby until 8:15pm EST. All swimmers must be in the care of a parent/guardian no later than 15 minutes after practice ending. If your swimmer needs additional time for showering, changing, etc., it is the responsibility of the parent/guardian to supervise past 8:15pm EST.


Over 12 years old: Coaches will remain in the lobby and do final sweep of the locker rooms at 8:15pm. If your child needs additional time in the locker room, it is the responsibility of the parent to supervise their child. Parents may meet their child in the lobby or in the car, at the discretion of the parent.


Under 12 years old: Parents may escort their child in the locker room at any time. At the end of practice, 1 coach will remain in the hallway outside the locker rooms and 1 coach will remain in the lobby. Swimmers will exit the locker room through the pool deck to meet parents in the lobby at the end of practice. All parents should pick up in the lobby.


Understand this building is dedicated to FDU staff and its students. Be aware we will sometimes lose locker room usage at zero notice. Practices will be cancelled due to FDU events with little notice.

Drew Policies:

About all of the above apply, but specificly:

1. They don't want anyone but swimmer and coaches on deck.

2. No Gum or Food on deck

3. No bags on window vents. This is were the air system returns are

4. Enter through Main entrance on campus side of building. Do not enter side "pool" door unless building is closed. They want as little foot traffic on the pool deck as possible.

5. Shower before you enter pool.

6. Dont "stand" in pickup circle. It is causing traffic backups at a certain point. Grab a spot and when your athlete is ready pull into the circle.