Olympic Men’s Coach Eddie Reese on Dryland for Age Groupers

Heres some Calisthenic routines you can do in steps (click here) 


The Section below is for 13/over mature swimmers only: 

The best swimmers always do extra - check this out...

Video: Dryland Routine with a Barbell (click here)

Handout of Barbell Exercises

Body Bars or Barbells can be purchased at Sports Authority or Gym Source in Paramus

For Bodyweight exercises, one of the best products going now is the TRX Suspension Trainer; a little expensive but a great product. (TRX exercises). 

For Core exercises, here are two great products:

Ab Dolly Plus

Power Wheel 

(click here to see a video demonstration for Power Wheel)

For Forearm or Grip Strength (better for sculling), try these:

Heavy Grips

For Plyometrics (explosive exercises for starts / turns):

Plyometric Exercise Handout

How to make your own Plyometric Box

Medicine Balls can be purchased at Sports Authority

Medicine Ball Exercises