Erin Miller - Top 10 Age Group Coach!!! Congratulations!

Kenneth O'Reilly
Congratulations to these outstanding coaches! 
We are proud to announce the  Fitter and Faster & ASCA 
Top 10 Age Group Coaches of 2021!


  • Allison Brol - Nitro Swimming
  • Andrew Eckhart - Sarasota FamilyYMCA Sharks Swimming
  • Joe Finke - St. Petersburg Aquatics
  • Don Garman - La Mirada Armada
  • Chrissy Gentry - Lakeside Aquatic Club
  • Colin Kennedy - Cypress Fairbanks Swim Club
  • Andrew Marsh - Lakeside Aquatic Club
  • Erin Miller - Scarlet Aquatics
  • Dale Porter - Bolles School Sharks
  • Gabriela Sofia - Long Island Aquatic Club

These coaches are selected based on USA Swimming's national ranking data for 12 & under swimmers. The top 10 Finalists will be honored, and a winner will be announced at the 2021 ASCA World Clinic Award Banquet on September 16 in Orlando, FL! Click here to view the full Top 50 Age Group Coaches list.

Past Winners
2020:  Alex Rayle of Piedmont Family YMCA/CYAC in Charlottesville, VA
2019:  Megan Oesting of Eastern Iowa Swim Federation
2018:  Rod Hansen of Irvine Novaquatics, CA
2017:  Rob Norman of TAC Titans in Cary, NC
2016:  Sherwood Watts of Sarasota Sharks in Sarasota, FL
2015:  Tom Himes of North Baltimore Aquatic Club in Baltimore, MD
2014:  Beth Winkowski of Dynamo Swim Club in Atlanta, GA