Spring Try-outs Mar. 29

Cathy Signorin

Peddie Aquatic Association


  • Ages 10 & under try-outs start at 6:30 pm. PLEASE ARRIVE 6:15 PM TO COMPLETE PAPERWORK. 
  • Ages 11 & 12 years old try-outs start at 7:00 pm. PLEASE ARRIVE 6:45 PM TO COMPLETE PAPERWORK.
  • Ages 13 & over try-out start 7:30 pm. PLEASE ARRIVE 7:15 PM TO COMPLETE PAPERWORK.

Space is VERY LIMITED on our team, so only the strongest swimmers will be considered for a space on our team. Please do not bring your swimmer to try-outs if they do not meet the minimum requirements listed below:

At a minimum, all swimmers MUST be able to do the following:

No RSVP required. Please allow plenty of time to complete the necessary paperwork BEFORE the try-out begins. Each swimmer's parent will need to complete a Try-out Form before the swimmer can enter the water. Forms will be available in the hallway outside the pool on the day of try-outs.

During the try-out, parents will meet with the head coach to receive more information about our team, including the fee structure and parent obligations.

Each swimmer's ability will be evaluated to determine if he or she is ready for the team. We do not hold private try-outs UNLESS your swimmer is currently on a USA-sanctioned swim team, has verified times in the USA Swimming SWIMS database and is interested in transferring to PAA, then contact Coach Greg at the email below.

Before coming to try-outs, please review the Team Info posted on our website, in particular the Group DescriptionsPractice Schedule & Meet Schedule so that you understand the time and travel commitment.

Please note that PAA is a year-round competitive swim team and members are expected to train and compete all year round.

Head Coach Greg Wriede