Peddie Aquatic Center COVID-19 Policies and Procedures

  • Everyone is required to complete the COVID-19 Screening every day you come to swim. Remember that your self-assessment must be time-stamped on the same date that you or your child will be swimming. Time-stamps before midnight are not acceptable for swimming the next day.
  • Mask up! Face coverings must meet the CDC Guidelines and be worn anytime you are on Peddie's Campus and are not in the water.
  • Come to the pool ready to swim. Please already have your bathing suit on prior to getting to the pool to limit changing pre-swim. 
  • Locker room use permitted for changing effective 9/21/20 for all swimmers. For Peddie Swim School students that are independent in changing or have same-sex adults accompanying them may also use the locker rooms for post-swim changing. Face coverings MUST be worn at ALL TIMES while changing. Locker room capacity is 3 patrons in each designated area, or bathroom stalls may be used.
  • Pre and Post-swim showering is NOT permitted at this time due to the layout of our community showers. Please refrain from applying lotions, sunscreens, and other topical body sprays or lotions before entering our indoor pool.