Thunderstorm Procedures

  • If a storm is in the vicinity of the Peddie Aquatic Center (you audibly hear thunder, or visually see lighting) 

    • Lifeguards will clear the pool with one long whistle blast. 

    • Everyone must leave the pool deck and not use the showers. Move to the interior seating area for safety. 

    • After 30 minutes with no signs of the storm, patrons can re-enter the pool. 

    • If a storm is determined to continue for more than one hour, we may make the decision to close the pool for the remainder of the day. The administrator at the pool will make that determination. 

Winter Weather

  • If the decision by The Peddie School or the Director of Aquatics is to close the pool facility you will be notified as soon as the decision is made via the website. Please check the website prior to heading to the pool if winter weather has or will occur.