FAMILY SWIM                               

  • Family Swim is only in the shallow lanes (#11-15) which range in depth from 4-5' deep. Lanes will not be assigned, so please select lanes #11-15 when you arrive for your scheduled time.
  • We ask that you be respectful of other families and keep your swim time to approximately one hour. Family swim lanes are shared spaces and you may be asked to share space with another family. 
  • We ask that you sign-in with the lifeguard on deck before entering the pool

  • Please bring your membership confirmation email.

  • Your credit card on file will be charged at the end of each week for the days you swam that week. 

  • With this system, you are not required to come on the top of each hour. Now you can come in at any time and leave at any time. We believe this will create a more staggered influx of people, thus helping maintain our social distancing measures. 

  • In order for children to swim without a parent within arm's reach, they must pass the family swim test.
  • Family swim test: swim 25 yards, float on the back for 30 seconds, then tread water for 30 seconds.


Please familiarize your family with our Family Swim Policies before coming to the pool.