Stroke Clinic

Meredith Locasto

Peddie Swim School Stroke and Turn Clinic 

Peddie Swim School is excited to announce our Stroke and Turn clinic taking place on November 16th through the 20th. The goal of our clinic is to focus on developing and refining stroke technique turns, starts, and finishes for all four competitive strokes.

Registration opens Monday, October 5, 2020.

This special clinic is a one-week intensive session with hour-long classes with individualized attention for every swimmer. Peddie continues to follow all guidelines as it relates to COVID-19 as set by the CDC, NIH, and local authorities. This camp will not have more than 3 swimmers per lane. We will also be using state of the art aquacam headsets to continue to ensure the swimmers’ safety at all times, and enhance our ability to communicate individualized feedback to each swimmer.  

 We have structured the program into two levels, Advanced and Intermediate. Both levels have been designed to meet the specific needs and abilities of our swimmers. Placement in either level should be based on the following: 

  • Advanced level swimmers should be able to swim 50 yards of each stroke.  (Level 4 and Up)

  • Intermediate level swimmers should be able to swim 25 yards of freestyle, backstroke, and breaststroke.  (Level 3 and Up)

Please make sure to place your swimmer at the correct level, a change fee will apply if we need to move your swimmer, and if there is no space in the other level and we cannot place them in the other level there will be no refunds. 

If your child is new to our program, you are unsure of the appropriate level, or have any questions about the clinic please reach out to Corina Simms  ([email protected]) PRIOR to registering your swimmer.

You may register your swimmer for all days or just a few, instructors will be the same all week. Intermediate classes will run from 6-7 pm and Advanced classes will run from 7-8 pm.  Classes will run for one hour and are $35 per day.  

Monday: Freestyle & Backstroke 

Tuesday: Breaststroke & Fly

Wednesday: Backstroke & Breaststroke 

Thursday: Fly & Freestyle

Friday: All strokes and starts from the blocks