Summer 2021 Open & Family Swim Schedule for June 21 - Aug 6, 2021

Please note that lane availability varies each hour due to childrens' camps in the pool between 9-3 pm daily. Reserve your time slot in advance and only swim in lanes designated for lap swimming. More open swim time will be available the week of Aug. 9-13, 2021, then the pool is closed Aug. 14-22, 2021.


Open Swim*  (Adults Only)

Family Swim  (Any Age)


7 am-9 am,  11 am-4 pm



7 am-9 am,  11 am-4 pm

 Wed 7 am-9 am,  11 am-4 pm N/A
   Thur    7 am-9 am,  11 am-4 pm N/A

7 am-9 am,  11 am-6 pm

3-6 pm
 Sat 11 am-2 pm 1-2 pm
 Sun 8 am-2 pm 1-2 pm

*Reserve a slot at 0:01 if you prefer a shallow water lane.

Exceptions to Pool Schedule:

Emergency closings will be posted on the Homepage.

  • Aug 14-22, pool closed for annual maintenance
  • Sep. 4-6, pool closed for school orientation.

Open Swim Policies (Updated 6/8/21) 

The Peddie Aquatic Center complies with the NJ Department of Health Executive Directive No. 20-022 and has been inspected and approved by the Hightstown Borough Department of Health for compliance with this directive. In order to use the pool, each patron must be a registered member who has read & accepted the medical, liability, and COVID-19 waivers.

  • Each lane will accommodate 2 swimmers per lane.
  • Continue to reserve your time slot online so that we do not exceed 2 swimmers per lane. 
  • The reservation portal will remain open throughout each lap swim day for late reservations.
  • Lane numbers will no longer be assigned. Select your lane upon arrival. First come, first served. No check-in required at the desk. 
  • Please self-assess your health daily, and do not come to the pool if you are unwell.
  • Face coverings are required for non-vaccinated people to enter the building.
  • Showers are open for pre-swim rinsing.
  • Swimmers should place their belongings at opposite ends of the pool, and enter/exit from opposite ends of the pool.
  • Remove your face covering immediately before entering the pool.
  • If you are the second swimmer to enter a lane, select your lane based on the pace of the first swimmer in the lane.
  • Swimmers will "circle swim" meaning keep to the right, with the lane line close to your right side.
  • Maintain social distance and do not stop at the same end of the lane as the other swimmer.
  • You will continue to have 1 hour to use your lane.
  • Everyone must exit the pool at the top of the hour for the next wave of swimmers to enter. 
  • Post-swim showering/changing is permitted with proper social distancing being observed.


Etiquette for Lap Swimming:

Always enter the pool feet first, no diving. 

Use of the starting blocks is prohibited during open swim.

Membership Options:


Type of Membership* Membership Fees
Adult Annual (ages 18-62) $395 for 12 months
Adult Annual Senior (ages 63 & over) $330 for 12 months
Adult Monthly (ages 16-62)

$39 per calendar month

(Aug prorated to $30)

Adult Monthly Senior (ages 63 & over)

$33 per calendar month

(Aug prorated to $25)

Adult Daily (ages 16 & over) $6 per swim + $25 reg fee/year
Family Swim Lane (any age) $10/hour/lane

*All memberships renew automatically. Email us to cancel or suspend your membership.