Welcome to Peddie Swim School

The Peddie Swim School is designed to give each child a positive learning experience, and we place every effort in attaining the best, most positive, qualified instructors possible. The program has grown tremendously in the past few years, and that is due to the wonderful experience that each child encounters. Thanks to the parents for spreading the good word!

Please note that the Peddie Aquatic Center is owned & operated by The Peddie School. The Peddie School students, faculty & staff have priority use of the pool. Peddie Aquatics programs are allocated pool time and lane space after the school's needs are met.  Peddie Aquatics makes the best use of the time and lane space to accommodate all of our programs. Please realize that we cannot extend our pool time and/or lane space based on demand. There are a finite number of spaces in our program and once those spaces are full, there is nothing we can do to change that.


Peddie Swim School Philosophy

Learning to swim is the end goal for most instructional programs.  At the Peddie Swim School, learning to swim is just the beginning.  We offer instruction for participants ages 6 months to adult.  There is a focus on lifelong swimming through water fitness, competitive swimming, lifeguard training, and water games and exploration. 


Follow these simple steps to register for a class:

  1. First, read the Class Descriptions to determine which best describes your child's current level of ability.
  2. Then, read the Schedule of Classes to view the class dates, cost, and # of classes in the session.
  3. Next, read the Lesson Policies to review the procedures you are required to accept to participate in the Peddie Swim School.
  4. Ready to register?  Click on the Lesson Sign-up button and follow the steps to select the appropriate program, session, and class level for your child. You will be prompted to create an account if you do not already have an account with the Peddie Swim School. Note that it is NOT possible to create an account until you are actually registering for a class.
  5. Use the Curriculum Tracking feature to view the skills your child will learn to progress to the next level.

Questions? Contact the Lesson Coordinator, Corina Simms, [email protected]