Swim Lesson Policies (updated 12/14/20)

  1. Students and their parent/adult must complete the Daily COVID-19 Screening at home each day before coming to the pool.

  2. All swim school staff, and lifeguards are required to complete the same process daily. 

  3. Face coverings are required to enter the building and must be worn at all times, except when the student is in the water. The parent/adult must wear their face covering at all times in the building. 

  4. Students are to enter the pool area through the girls locker room hallway and follow the one-way flow pattern on the pool deck. Street shoes are NOT permitted on the pool deck.

  5. Students will meet their instructor by the pool office and be directed to their lesson area. 

  6. Swim instructors will be wearing face shields for all lessons where the instructor is in the water, or they will wear face coverings when providing instruction from the pool deck. 

  7. All students must shower before entering the pool as required by the NJ Bathing Code. Do not apply lotions or sunscreens before entering our indoor pool!

  8. Only one parent/adult will be allowed in the building per student. No siblings or other family members will be allowed. 

  9. The parent/adult must remain in the balcony for the duration of your child's swim lesson. If a parent is not present the swimmer will be asked to get out of the water. 

  10. There is no food permitted on the pool deck. Water in non-glass containers is allowed. 

  11. Families with swimmers in LEVEL 1 must have the parent/adult come ready to enter the water. In order to limit the amount of contact with our students, we may ask the parent to enter the water and assist with their swimmers. The parent in the water must wear a face covering. If the parent/adult is not prepared to enter the water and is requested we can terminate the lesson at that time with NO REFUND. 

  12.  Please remain seated during the lesson and DO NOT call out to your child.  This is very distracting to the students & the instructors.

  13. All swimmers in all levels must bring their own pool noodles each day to lessons. Levels 3, 4, & Adv. Tech may bring their own kickboard if you own one. You may not leave your noodle or kickboard at Peddie. It must leave with you each day and return with your swimmer the next day.

  14. Students are to come to the pool ready to swim, in their bathing suit. 

  15. Locker room use permitted for changing effective 9/21/20 for students that are independent in changing or have same-sex adults accompanying them. Face coverings MUST be worn at ALL TIMES while changing. Locker room capacity is 3 patrons in each designated area, or bathroom stalls may be used. Post swim showering is NOT permitted at this time due to the layout of our community showers.

  16. There are NO REFUNDS OR MAKE-UPS for cancelations that are out of our control, such as snow, ice, thunder, etc. See our Thunderstorm Procedures. If there is a cancelation that we can control (pool problems, or instructor issues), we will either make-up the class or give you a credit.

  17. ANY requests for changes in class day/time/session/instructor/etc once you have registered will be charged a $25 change fee, which will be posted to your credit card on file.

  18. If your swimmer is registered for a class that does not fill Peddie Swim School reserves the right to cancel that class. We will make every effort to find a different day and time for your swimmer to have a lesson at the appropriate level.  

  19. If we must move your child down to a lower level once the session begins, you will be charged a $25 change fee to your credit card on file.  To avoid this fee, read the Class Descriptions carefully, and/or current families should follow the steps outlined in the Curriculum Tracking when registering.

  20. There are NO REFUNDS OR CREDITS for the classes once you have registered for any reason. We cannot refund/credit money due to illness, injury, or vacations.

  21. There are NO MAKE-UPS for missed classes for any reason (illness, injury, vacation, etc.) Our staff is paid to be here, even if your child is not here.

  22. Peddie Staff may take photographs during lessons to be used for promotional and/or advertising purposes, however, the names of our students will not be published.  If you do not wish your child to be photographed, please notify the Peddie Swim School in writing.

  23. All parking for lessons is in the Athletic Center parking lot which has 300+ spaces. Do not park in front of the building or along the median. Handicapped spaces are available for those with valid handicapped tags only.


  25. Please remember that we use the Peddie School's facility. Please respect the facility, its employees, and the students when you are here. Any vandalism or improper behavior will result in removal from the program.

  26. If you have a concern or question about the lesson program or an instructor, please address these issues to the Aquatics Director, Meredith Locasto at 609-944-7537 or [email protected] You can also email the Lesson Coordinator, Corina Simms at [email protected]