Water Exercise Class Information

Click here for directions to the Peddie Pool.

  • Entrance to the pool is through the appropriate locker room.
  • The WOMEN'S LOCKER ROOM is the first corridor on your left.
  • The MEN'S LOCKER ROOM is the second corridor on your left.
  • Please leave your street shoes in the locker room to keep our pool deck clean.
  • Everyone must SHOWER before entering the pool as per the NJ Bathing Code.

Class Description: This class is designed for adults looking for a low impact water-resistance training class. Combining plyos, aerobics, strength training and fun! Starter class designed for any level. Attend the first class FREE to try it out! (You will need to complete a Release Form before your FREE class, so allow enough time to complete the form before the class begins.)

Class Dates:  Follows the same opening and closing dates as Open Swim.

  • Classes will resume on Oct. 5 and participants must follow the same procedures as lap swimmers.
  • Class is one hour in length, 9:00-10:00 am.
  • All classes will be in the shallow lanes of the pool.
  • Social distancing will be maintained within the lanes.
  • Face coverings required on the pool desk, but NOT in the water.

Cost:  $50 per month for unlimited classes. Drop in rate is $10 per class. REGISTER HERE.

Questions: Contact Corina Simms, [email protected], 609-944-7564