Water Exercise Resumes May 24th! 

You MUST register for class ahead of time to attend. 

Water Exercise is designed for adults looking for a low-impact water-resistance training class. Combining plyometrics, aerobics, strength training, and fun! Starter class designed for any level. Attend the first class FREE to try it out!

(You will need to complete a Release Form before your FREE class, so allow enough time to complete the form before the class begins.)

The class is one hour in length on Mon/Wed/Fri

  • Session 2: June 21 - July 16 @ 11 am
  • Session 3: July 19 - Aug. 13 @ 9 am

Cost:  $50 per session for unlimited classes. The drop-in rate is $10 per class. 

Questions: Contact Corina Simms 

[email protected], 609-944-7564

Water Exercise Policies: 

Participants must follow the same procedures as lap swimmers.

The entrance to the pool is through the appropriate locker room.

The WOMEN'S LOCKER ROOM is the first corridor on your left.

The MEN'S LOCKER ROOM is the second corridor on your left.

Please leave your street shoes in the locker room to keep our pool deck clean.

Everyone must SHOWER before entering the pool as per the NJ Bathing Code.