Team Apparel and Team Suits

PTAC Water Polo has a Team Store with CLICK HERE to visit our team store.

Aside from being one of the most cost-effective places to purchase generic equipment, including practice suits, googgles, etc., we have PTAC Water Polo personalized gear that is available all season long and can be shipped directly to your home.  This includes PTAC Water Polo shirts, pants, bags, etc.  Aside from the PTAC Water Polo logo, you can also have your player's name monogrammed on many items.  We also have a great deal of control over this store, so if there are any items you would like to see offered, let us know and we can do our best to add them! Likewise, if any of you are artists and would like to generate any new designs for tshirts or other apparel, let us know, as this can easily be done.

This is also the site to purchase team suits, which all players should have for upcoming games.  We have a new team suit design for the 2019-20 season, although players can choose from several suit styles.  Since all personalized gear is nonreturnable, we strongly suggest ordering a plain suit first to test for fit and sizing, as SwimOutlet has a generous return policy. You can then order the personalized team suit once your player is comfortable with the size and style of the suit.

We do expect that all players have a PTAC Polo team suit to wear for games and all players should, at the very least, own a team tshirt to wear to games for team unity.

Aside from being convenient, also acts as a passive fundraiser for the team, as a portion of all proceeds goes back to the team!  Thus, it is a win-win.  You get the great SwimOutlet pricing and PTAC Water Polo earns a portion of all profits. In order for PTAC Water Polo to earn a portion of your purchases please be sure that "You are shopping through the Tigers Water Polo Swim Team Affiliate account" is listed on the top of the page. 

Click the SwimOutlet logo above to be directed to our team store!