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Brookside Swim Club

41 Washington Avenue (behind the police station), Milltown, New Jersey, 08850

Raritan Bay Area YMCA

357 New Brunswick Avenue, Perth Amboy, New Jersey, 08861

YMCA at the Piscataway Community Center

520 Hoes Lane, Piscataway, New Jersey, 08854

All Riptide Tryouts have concluded for the 2022–2023 season. See you on deck!


What is a tryout?

A tryout is an evaluation done by our coaching staff to identify which group would be best for your child to practice with. Each swimmer is different, and we do our best to place all of our swimmers in the appropriate practice group for the season. However, practice groups are not final and coaches may adjust practice groups based on swimmer performance during the first few weeks of practice.

Space on our team is limited and spots are filled on a rolling basis. Practice groups may close once filled, so your best opportunity to make the team is to attend one of our earlier tryout dates!

Does my child need prior swim team experience to attend a tryout?

Riptide welcomes all swimmers who are interested and dedicated to pursuing swim at the competitive level. To try out, older swimmers must be able to swim several laps of at least three out of four of the competitive strokes (Freestyle, Breaststroke, Backstroke, Butterfly). Younger swimmers (ages eight and under) must be able to swim two laps of at least two of the four competitive strokes using a legal stroke pattern.

What forms do I need to bring to the tryout?

Registration paperwork will be available at the tryout, however we do strongly suggest that you complete our pre-registration form prior to your tryout date. Please arrive 15 minutes prior to your tryout time to complete the necessary paperwork and to prepare for your tryout.

What does my child need to wear/bring to tryouts?

All swimmers should arrive ready to swim with their swimsuits on, as changing facilities may not be available. Swimmers should bring swim goggles, a towel, and a water bottle. A swim cap is also recommended.

What should I expect on the day of tryouts?

When you arrive at the pool, please wait for our coaching staff to address the group. They will instruct each swimmer where to go to begin his or her tryout. There will be a brief informational meeting for the parents, presented by our Riptide Parent Board, while your child is in the pool. We ask that you allow our coaching staff to attend to your child's swim evaluation, while you focus your attention on learning more about the Riptide Swim Team.

You are free to leave after your child's tryout, and you will be contacted within one week of your tryout date to inform you if your child is able to join the team at this time.

Who can answer my questions about tryouts?

If you have a question regarding tryouts, please email us at [email protected], and your question will be directed to the person who can best provide the answer.

Thank you so much for your interest in our team! We look forward to seeing you at our next tryout!


The following swimmers have made the team at our August 27th tryout:

  • Chase Agustin
  • Riley Agustin
  • Armaan Bhandari
  • Samaira Doshi
  • Natalie Guard
  • Tobias Guard
  • Andrew Hong
  • Benjamin Hong
  • Samuel Hong
  • Raina Jhaveri
  • Matvii Kravchuk
  • Neha Manikandan
  • Nandika Nair
  • Venika Patel
  • James Piatygo
  • Vishrut Thoutam
  • Scarlett Wolfe
  • Giselle Williams
  • Koushya Yellemraju

The following swimmers have made the team at our August 13th tryout:

  • Ethan Anthony
  • Jonathan Anthony
  • Aabir Banerjee
  • Charles Beczynski
  • Emma Bica
  • Eliana Botnick
  • Isla Botnick
  • Suzie Burns
  • Alicia Chun
  • Jinu Chun
  • Lydia Chun
  • Olivia Crocco
  • Christopher Cuesta
  • Clair Deng
  • Jason Diamondstein
  • Nathan Jaico
  • Dillon Klimcsak
  • Elyse Klimcsak
  • Olga Kravchuk
  • Zachary Kunzle
  • Noah Laishram
  • Francis Laurenciana
  • Emily Lozada
  • Christine Maiorana
  • Khushi Malik
  • Sadhana Murali
  • Akshaj Narayana
  • Andre Miguel Ovejas
  • Joshua Palmer
  • Laila Palmer
  • Andres Pavlenko
  • Alan Pelo
  • Nicole Pelo
  • Aarav Shah
  • Anika Shah
  • Siddharth Shankar
  • Giuliana Zsamba

The following swimmers have made the team at our July 19th tryout:

  • Timoteo Aguirre
  • Emilia Buckholtz
  • Violet Cabalfin
  • Ricardo Caceres
  • Keilah Chan
  • Madelyn Cook
  • Lorenzo Dottori
  • Lucca Dottori
  • Jayden Dudek
  • Tyler Dudek
  • Joseph Fay
  • Julian Hernandez Redondo
  • Araina Kotian
  • Esha Kumar
  • Matvey Kuzmenkov
  • Mackenzie Lerner
  • Polina Lima
  • Erick Lozada
  • Ethan McKinney
  • Gideon Murphy
  • Panshul Patel
  • Diana Quevedo Navarrete
  • Oliver Roesener
  • Ethan Ross
  • Henry Ross
  • Dean Ruggieri
  • Max Ruggieri
  • Annabel Shott
  • Carson Strohman
  • Jason Young

The following swimmers have made the team at our July 15th tryout:

  • Ryan Abdelfattah
  • Lavenesh Raaj Anaimalai Rajaboopathi
  • Phoebe Eliopoulos
  • Elias Khan
  • Anastasia Kislina
  • Aryahi Oza
  • Drishya Pradeep
  • Nethra Pradeep
  • Aiden Tiburcio
  • Moksha Yarlagadda

The following swimmers have made the team at our June 17th tryout:

  • Julianna Maragoto
  • Hana Okai
  • Kasper Young

Congratulations! Please see your email from Coach Brian for details.

March Madness sign-up is now open! March Madness is a five-week program that allows swimmers to "bridge the gap" between the traditional winter and spring seasons and continue swimming without a break. As this is an off-season program, it is practice only and there are no competitions associated with March Madness. All groups will focus on building and correcting stroke technique, as well as sets for endurance and conditioning. Current Riptide winter swimmers will have priority for registration, but if space allows, the program is open to non-team members who are capable of participating in a competitive swim practice. More details can be found by CLICKING HERE.

Don't forget about Spring Fling!

We are also working on releasing Spring Fling registration as soon as possible. Spring Fling starts in mid-April and typically lasts about 7 or 8 weeks. Spring Fling will also include competition opportunities when available. These are usually long course meets, i.e., competition in 50-meter length pools. USA Swimming registration required to compete. As you prepare for March Madness, just don't forget, we have an even bigger program coming up in the spring!

One common question we get regarding sign-ups from now through the summer is: What if we take a break–Will my child's tenure on the team be broken if we don't participate in one of the spring/summer programs? The only thing necessary to maintain your status as a current team member is to participate fully in every FALL/WINTER SEASON (the season you have just finished). We are happy to offer a spring season to those of you looking to continue year-round, but we won't hold it against you if you only plan to return this coming September.

You can sign up for March Madness online here. You will need to use your YMCA account (the one used to pay team dues, NOT the one used to log in to the Riptide website and sign up for meets). If you are having trouble signing up, the most common problem is that your one-year YMCA membership has expired and will need to be renewed before sign-up is allowed. This is probably the issue if you are seeing the "closed registration" message. If you have any trouble with online sign-up, you can also sign up with the YMCA (144 Tices Lane, East Brunswick, 732-257-4114).

More info coming soon!