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Blue Team 

Head coach: Julie Rose/Justin Atkinson



White Team

Head coach: Trevor Endler



Purple Team 

Head coach: Brian Rose



Black Team 

Head coach: Mike Heidelberg/Rebecca Kenyon



Invitational Meets:

Invitational meets are different from the regular Saturday dual meet schedule. They involve multiple (sometimes dozens) of teams from around the state, are YMCA or USA Swimming sanctioned, and take place over an entire day or multiple days. (Please note: if the meet fills up before Riptide submits entries, we will be "closed out." In that case, swimmers who signed up for the meet will be notified, and not charged for meet entry fees.)

Invitational Meets are optional, and they must be registered for on the Riptide website.


Intrasquad Meets:



State Championship Meets:



National Meets: