Lost and Found

2019 - 2020 Season

December 21 - A girls Riptide swimsuit (size 24) may have been lost in one of the locker rooms at MCC or NB.  If anyone has found one that is not theirs, please contact Kristy Martinho ([email protected]).  Thank you!

November 27 - Lost swim jammer in MCC’s changing room Friday. 11/27.  Jammer information:  Speedo Boys End Jammer Solid Navy 28 inch.  If found, please contact Emily ([email protected]).

October 27 - Quinlan Paris was not able to find his glasses and case they were in (a goggle case) after practice today (Sunday).  It is possible they were placed in the wrong swim back.  Please check your bags if you were at senior practice on Sunday 10/27 and if found, contact Tanja at [email protected]

September 18 - Sean Chen lost his dirt bag last Wed (9/11) at MCC.  It contains googles, a jammer and a Riptide cap in the Speedo dirt bag. email [email protected] if you have the dirt bag.