Championship Season Overview

Scott Thompson
Jan 22, 2019

The following information gives an overview of the championships season. If it’s your first time, it can be a lot to digest, so if you have questions, please attend our information session tonight. Also, when choosing events for January 19th and 26th, keep in mind the qualifying times you are shooting for.  View the YMCA championship qualifying standards here.


All Riptide swimmers are expected to end their season at the highest level YMCA State Championship meet which they have qualifying times for, if any. (Some exceptions for people attending Sun Kissed Nationals.) There are 4 different levels of state championship meets. 8 & under, Bronze, Silver, and Gold. Gold is split into 2 different meets: 12 & under States, and 13 & over States.

As long as you have at least Bronze-level qualifying times, every swimmer should plan to attend at least one of these meets. For swimmers that absolutely cannot make it to their assigned meet, we understand. However, ending the season without a championship meet makes it a bit of an incomplete season.

Declaring your intention to attend these meets will be similar to the way you declare for invitationals. However, you MUST declare your intention. For a typical invitational, it's fine to take no action if you don't plan to attend. If you cannot attend a state meet for which you qualify, you must "decline" on the website. You will have the opportunity to choose which events you would like to swim, but coaches may change entries based on the swimmers’ best interests. (If you declare “yes” for the meet but leave your entries blank, the coaches will choose your events.)

Dates for the 5 different YMCA State Championship meets are:

8/Under Championships 2019 - February 3, 2019

2019 YMCA Bronze Championships - February 9 & 10, 2019

2019 YMCA Silvers Championships - February 15-17, 2019

2019 12/Under YMCA Championships - February 22-24, 2019

2019 13/over YMCA States Championships - March 7-10, 2019

Dates for Sun Kissed:

2019 SunKissed Meet - Charlotte, NC – March 28-31, 2019
(This email will not discuss the Sun Kissed meet. If you are qualified or close to qualifying for Sun Kissed, you probably have been or will be copied on other communications. Even if you are not qualified yet, you should start thinking about the meet for future seasons!)

The meets dates and qualifying times are also available on our Team Unify website.

To track your times, you can use the "Top Times" tab on our website (I'm not linking to it since it won't be visible until you are logged in, anyway), the "My Meet Results" section, or the OnDeck Parent app for your phone or mobile device.

The meet(s) that each swimmer will attend are based on age and qualifying times achieved.

Age (based on your age for Y dual meets this season—determined on December 1st, 2018):

All 8 & unders will swim in 8 & under championships.

All 9 & over swimmers may be eligible for Bronze and/or Silver, based on times achieved.

Swimmers 12 & under can qualify for 12 & under States (age as of December 1st, 2018).

Swimmers 13 & over can qualify for 13 & over States (age as of December 1st, 2018). 

Time standards:

Regardless of seed times, all 8 & unders swim at 8 & under championships. The following rules apply to swimmers 9 and over.

If you have achieved five or more State (Gold) qualifying times:

You will swim only in State championships for your age group. You are not eligible to participate in the Silver or Bronze meets. You may swim a maximum of 7 total individual events at the meet (6 events max for swimmers in the 9-10 age group). You must have a qualifying time for every event you swim. You may swim no more than 3 individual events in one day.

If you have achieved one, two, three, or four State qualifying times:

You will swim State championships in the events that you’ve qualified for. You will also participate in Silvers for the events that you’ve made a Silver time in, but have NOT made a States time in. You may not swim more than 7 total individual events at Silvers (6 events max for swimmers in the 9-10 age group). You will not swim the Bronze meet, unless your total combined number of State AND Silver times is four or less. If, at Silvers or Bronze, you swim a State qualifying time, you may add that event to the events that you are already scheduled to swim at States.

If you have no State times, but have five or more Silver times:

You will swim Silvers only. No Bronze, no States. You may swim a maximum of 7 total individual events at Silvers (6 events max for swimmers in the 9-10 age group). If, at Silvers, you swim a State qualifying time, you can then enter States in that event.

If you have achieved one, two, three, or four Silver qualifying times:

You will be entered in Silvers for the events that you’ve qualified for. You will also participate in the Bronze meet in events for which you have Bronze times and not Silver times. You will not swim your Silvers events at Bronze. You can swim a maximum of 6 events at Bronze (3 each day). If you achieve more Silver times at the Bronze meet, you may add those events to your Silvers schedule. If you achieve a States time at either Silver or Bronze, you may enter States in that event.

If you have no Silver qualifying times, but have one or more Bronze times:

You will be entered in the Bronze meet in as many events as possible (6 is the maximum, even if you have more qualifying times). If you achieve a Silvers or States time while at the Bronze meet, you may then enter that event in Silvers or States.

If you have no times for at least the Bronze standard:

Unfortunately, the YMCA system currently does not have a championship option for 9 & over swimmers who have not achieved Bronze times. If you don't have any Bronze times yet, please take advantage of our last-chance meets on January 19th and 26th, and aim for a championship qualifying time!