Congrats on a Great Season!...and What's Next?

Scott Thompson
Feb 15, 2019

Congratulations to everyone on a great Riptide winter season.  I do not think that I can recall a season where week after week, meet after meet, we had so many outstanding performances and where our swimmers consistently met best times and exceeded expectations.  That is a credit to you all and the hard work you put in all season.  So, if you are not going to States and/or Nationals, do you find yourself now asking yourself, "So what do I do now?"  The answer is simple!  The bottom-line is that swimming is a year-round sport, and if your goal is to excel at it, you need to work at it year-round.  This includes swimming the second half of the Riptide season on the Riptide Long Course Team (LCT).
     At Riptide, although we do not subscribe to the theory of some teams, where you are required to sign-up and pay to be on the team for the full calendar year, we provide every opportunity to do just that, and to be able to continue your progression throughout the entire year and not just "season-by-season".  In order to compete at a high level, you must work hard at it month-by-month and week-by-week, with little down time.  Therefore, we ask you, do you find yourself looking for reason to take time off, and in one of the following categories?

1.  After the winter season, I need a break. [RESPONSE: Yes, maybe you do.  A week or two break from your workouts is a great way to allow your body to recover, but you need to get back into the water as soon as possible to use your end of season as a launching pad to get to the next level and achieve your next set of goals.  RECOMMENDATION: Do not take more than the 1-2 week break and get back in the water for March Madness and Riptide Long Course Team!  If you feel you need a break that is a little longer, well OK, but no more than a few more weeks and get back to it for the Riptide long course season in April.]
2.  I already swim for my summer swim club in June & July.  [RESPONSE: Summer swimming is great and often relaxing, but face it, you are not getting the workouts you need at your summer swim club, and if you are out of the water from March to June, you have lost a great deal of momentum and lost a huge opportunity to get to the next level.  RECOMMENDATION: You can easily complement your summer swim club season by also swimming for the Riptide Long Course Team (LCT).  There is no conflict with practices or meets and you will get the Riptide training you are accustomed to, and which will help you to achieve your goals.  Minimally, if you are not signing up for the Riptide LCT, you should consider Spring Fling (flyer attached), which will at least bridge some of the time leading up to summer swim club season.]
3.  I participate in other spring sports and don't have the time for swimming.  [RESPONSE: Make the time for swimming if you want to compete at a high level.  For the next winter season, do you want to make YMCA States? Junior Olympics? Nationals?  If so, you have to find the time to squeeze it in now.  Do you have to attend every practice?  Of course not (but it helps)!  But you cannot wait until September to start working toward that goal.  RECOMMENDATION: Sign up for the Riptide Long Course Team (LCT) and in April & May make as many practices as you can, then recommit to 100% of practices in late May/early June (upon completion of your other spring sport season.]
4.  I don't want to get up early for the summer morning practices. [RESPONSE:  Sleep is over-rated!  Get your workouts in and then you have the rest of the day to yourself.  It's summer, you can take an afternoon nap!  In addition, you have the opportunity to double-practice with your summer swim club team.  Now that's a great way to get to the next level!  By the way, those summer swim league short course pools seem like kiddie pools after you've competed in 50 meter long course pools!  RECOMMENDATION:  Sign-up for the Riptide Long Course Team and just do it!  You want the results, you'll love the results, so just do it!]

     Are you sensing a theme here?  If so, it is completely intentional.  It all comes down to the kind of swimmer you want to be.  If you want to see just periodic incremental improvement, one "season" at a time, maybe swimming only winter and summer swim club seasons are OK for you.  If you want to see constant, continual improvement, without taking a step back, giving yourself the opportunity to accelerate taking the next step with your swimming sooner, rather than later, you should sign up for the second half of the Riptide season on the Riptide Long Course Team (LCT).  The attached flyer will provide you with an overview of this season, including the general practice schedule, the ability to practice, at times, in long course pools (50 meters in length-which will further increase endurance) and, of course, the ability to compete in those same Olympic-sized 50 meter pools.  Check out this article on the benefits of swimming the long course season.
     We hope you will consider signing up for the Riptide Long Course Team (LCT).  Registration is open now through April 10th.  Reserve your spot on the team now!  If you are currently unsure of your summer plans, but definitely want to sign-up for the pre-Summer Spring Fling training session, that flyer is also attached.  If you have any questions, you can contact Coach Brian here.  If you want to check out program documentation for March Madness, Spring Fling or the Long Course Team, go to the "Join Us" tab on the web site here.