Riptide Ramblings 3/3

Scott Thompson
Mar 3, 2019
  • Riptide Shows Off Strong Performances at Silvers & States!  Riptide had a strong showing at YMCA Silver Championships with many best times and new State cuts.  See the meet report here.  The Riptide State Team kept the best times coming and really "soared at the shore"!  Check out the meet report here with best times and some strong top finishes!  Also, check out this East Brunswick article on our 12 & under State Championship performances.  Congrats to all who participated in both meets!
  • Do You Want to Take Your Swimming to the Next Level!  Do you want to continue your progress and take your swimming to the next level?  You cannot wait until next season to begin working toward your new swimming goals.  Start reaching for them NOW!  After Nationals, Junior Olympics and then March Madness come to a close, there are many options available for all of our swimmers to take it to the next level.  We highly recommend that our swimmers participate in the Summer Long Course Team, which starts in April.  The Summer Long Course Team complements the regular summer swim club season well (YES, you can do both a summer swim club team and Riptide Long Course Team!).  The long course season is a great way to change up your training and add variety to your competitions by swimming in a long course olympic-sized pool (50 meters).  If you are not interested in the full April - July team, you can participate in either Spring Fling (Apr- early Jun), which will get you ready for your summer swim club season, or you can particpate in our Summer Splash early morning program during the summer (late June & July) and really intensify your summer training.  Spring and summer is a time to take the next step in your swim career, so consider continuing your training with Riptide!  Spring Fling & Summer Long Course Team info is available on the web site now (here) and registration is OPEN.  Summer Splash stand-alone info will be available soon.
  • Nationals BLACK WEEK Begins!  National Team practices enter the first of two "Black Weeks" this week, which are the longest and most intense practices of the season, including double practices this Tuesday & Thursday.  Now is the time to step up and put the time & effort in, in order to meet your goals in Charlotte.  Do not skip a not just "do the laps" without intense effort, do not sit out during a set.  This is when it counts, this will determine your 2019 Sunkissed destiny.  Make sure you do not look back with regret!  Just do it!
  • Looking for an Early Summer Swim Camp?  Summer swim camps are a great way to fine tune your technique, get in some quality workouts, and make new swimming friends.  If you are interested in a local swim camp for this summer, here is some info for one that takes place at The College of New Jersey in Ewing ( click here).  You can also check out camps at Princeton and Arete Swim Camp at FDU.  Make sure you register early for any swim camp so that you do not get closed out.