Riptide Ramblings Newsletter 2/13

Scott Thompson
  • Silvers Pre-Meet Info Posted: Silver Championship pre-meet information is now posted to the meet page here.  Please be sure to arrive AT LEAST 15 minutes prior to the first warm-up time listed for your session.  If for some reason you cannot attend, please let Coach Brian know so any affected relays can be cared for.  If you have any issues on meet day, if you are sick, or if you are running late, please contact Coach Brian for all of the sessions.  Good luck to all swimmers! GO RIPTIDE!
  • Riptide Bronze Team Busted Out the Best Times!  The Riptide Bronze Team had an amazing meet with 208 new best times!  What a great way to close out the season.  Many also made Silver cuts and extended their season to the Silver Meet. Check out the BRONZE meet report here.
  • Stay on Practice Schedule Watch: Be aware of changes to the practice schedule for this week & next.  Remember, there is NO PRACTICE tonight (2/13) and for Friday 2/14 there is only practice for the National team (with optional short Silver team warm-up, if desired, as listed on the schedule).  For next week, practices are only for Nationals and State qualifiers.  Practices on Monday & Tuesday are at Parlin Aquatic Center.  You can access the February practice schedule here.
  • Remember to Register for Spring Fling:  Spring Fling begins on April 15th and is open to both current team members and non-team members and will run a little differently than in past years.  Non-team members will practice three days a week.  Current team members from the fall/winter season in the Tiny Tide & Tidal Wave groups will praxctice 3 days a week and Junior & Senior groups will practice 5 days a week.  Current team members will also be able to participate in Spring Long Course meets.  Don't wait until summer to try to get to the next level in your on what you achieved this winter!!!  Check out the flyers here:   Current fall-winter team members  /  Non-team members new to Riptide.
  • National Team Gertrude Hawk Chocolate Fundraiser: Our National Team is selling Gertrude Hawk chocolates and candies to help offset some of the costs for the trip.  If you are looking for amazing treats for the upcoming holidays, see your favorite National team member and support the cause.  THANK YOU!
  • Congratulations to Our Riptide National Team:  Congratulations to our Riptide National Team, who are two weeks into their training and well on their way toward taking Charlotte by storm at the end of March.  See all of our National Team members here
       FOR ALL! WE WANT TO SEE YOU AT SUNKISSED NATIONALS!  SunKissed Nationals is a core piece of the Riptide season and provides all of our swimmers the opportunity to qualify for, train for, attend and experience a national travel meet as they approach 12 years old and older.  It should be every Riptide swimmer’s short or long-term goal to attend this meet.  Whereas many YMCA and USA Swimming teams will have a very small number of swimmers qualify for and train for a Nationals meet, the inclusive qualifying times at SunKissed have allowed for the Riptide National Team to have historically included approximately 40+ swimmers each year. Don't be fooled into thinking that this meet is only for the "elite." Not all swimmers will qualify for SunKissed, but it is an achievable goal for all of you!
       Riptide encourages commitment over the course of the entire winter season, and maintains intensity with all winter practices, but also encourages participation in fall sports, scholastic swimming, and other activities. During the regular season, swimmers are able to determine their own level of commitment.  For Sunkissed Nationals, the intense eight-week training creates a focus-point end-of-season meet, and a required short-term 100% commitment. It is not something that can, nor should be, maintained over the course of the entire season, but it gives our 12 and older swimmers (in most cases) the opportunity to end the season at the highest level of performance possible.
       Check out the Nationals web page on our web site, or the parent handbook, or talk to any of the coaches for more information about our National Team and the amazing experience it provides to our swimmers.