Riptide Current Season Part 1 Extension and Part 2 Registration

Scott Thompson

We are proud to announce that our current Riptide season is set to continue! Not only we will continue to practice at Raritan Bay YMCA, we are also adding practices at the YMCA at the Piscataway Community Center, which will allow more practices or longer practice times for many of our groups.

Of course, our current session has yet to feature any racing opportunities for our current participants. Therefore, our upcoming calendar will have two purposes: to finish our current session, and then to begin a new session for the second half of the season.

For both the end of the current session, and the start of the new session, we will be able to start processing payments as of 9am this Saturday, November 28th. Do not attempt to register before that time. Once registration is open:

The December calendar here will give you an idea of how December will look if you are participating in the full month. Or depending on your choices/previous enrollments, you may be participating only through December 13th, or only after December 17th.

Also, this generic weekly calendar shows what a normal practice week will look like going forward from December 2nd and beyond.

End of Current Session: December 2nd through 13th

All participants enrolled in the current session will be AUTOMATICALLY ENROLLED for December 2nd through December 13th. Participation is not mandatory, but if I don’t here otherwise from you, I will assume you are participating and enroll you for those dates as part of your current practice group.

If you are enrolled in the current session and are participating in the first half of December:

  • You do not need to enroll. You will be automatically enrolled, and charges will be added to your account to cover the cost of the additional practice dates
  • Balances can be paid at, or by calling or visiting the YMCA.
  • You will be eligible to sign up for our intrasquad meets on the first two weekends of December, more details coming soon.

If you are enrolled in the current session and are NOT participating in the first half of December:

  • You may not attend any practices or meets on the dates from December 2nd to December 13th, as your current enrollment only covers the dates up to and including December 1st. Please inform me by Thursday, December 3 at the latest, so I can make sure your account has no additional balance due for these dates.


New Session: December 17th through February 13th

After the meet on December 12th and 13th, we will take a break Monday through Wednesday, and resume practice on Thursday, December 17th. Registration will start fresh this Saturday: team members who participated in our previous session are not committed to participate. Returning team members from last season who did not participate in October/November are ELIGIBLE to join now. (Due to this possibility of changing rosters, some people may be asked to move up a practice group. Most swimmers will remain with their current practice group when re-enrolling.) Participants who are re-joining and have not practiced with us recently should familiarize themselves with our safety policies and procedures, here. The general weekly schedule for December 17th through February 13th will be the same weekly schedule already referenced.

Pricing schedule and structure per group is listed in the recent email from Coach Brian.

Some VERY IMPORTANT things to keep in mind with regard to payment:

  • In addition to the fees below, your YMCA membership must be current through February 13th.
  • Due to developing circumstances in New Jersey, there is always the possibility that Riptide, or all indoor youth activities, may be forced to go on hiatus. (As a side note: both Riptide and the sport of swimming in general have proven over the last 5 months that, with proper safety precautions, COVID transmission is incredibly rare in the context of youth swimming. Even indoors, aquatics have a stellar record. But risk is always present, and larger shutdowns can have a trickle-down effect on us.) If the season must be suspended at any point, moneys collected by Riptide will count as credit toward the future resumption of the season, or any future Riptide or YMCA programming. Refunds will not be offered unless extreme circumstances make future participation with the team impossible (you are a graduating senior, moving to another state, etc.).

Registration will open at 9am on Saturday, November 28th. Registration is open only to:

  • Current Riptide participants and immediate family members.
  • Participants of the 2019-2020 Riptide regular season.
  • Participants of 2020 Riptide Summer Splash and September Splash.
  • Applicants who passed our October Riptide tryouts.

To register:

Thank you all for making it possible for Riptide to continue during this challenging time. We are so glad to have the opportunity to continue on throughout the winter.