Riptide swim practice to be suspended as of Saturday, December 5th

Brian Rose

In accordance with today's announcement of new NJ state regulations, all Riptide activities will be suspended starting Saturday, December 5th. We plan to resume "normal" (as much as that word exists this year) operations in January 2021.  We will be monitoring the situation and provide timely updates to everyone as soon as possible regarding our re-start.

No payments toward future sessions (starting December 2nd and/or December 17th) will be accepted at this time. Payments already made for December 2nd and beyond will be applied to your account and can be used for practices in 2021.

Tonight's practice is still on, and practice times remain unchanged for tonight and tomorrow (Monday/Tuesday). Riptide plans to continue in-pool operations through this Friday, but changes may occur regarding the "new" schedule which was set to go into effect on Wednesday.

Please continue to monitor your email for potential schedule changes. Currently-enrolled swimmers may continue to attend practice with their regular groups, however, we intend to fill this week with race experiences rather than "normal practice." The kids have worked hard to be race-ready, and we plan to give them the opportunity to see their work rewarded.

There will always be a risk of contagion in any public activity, including our swim practices, no matter how many precautions are taken. Despite this, Riptide is proud to have instituted new safety policies and delivered our practices now for 5 months, providing a low-risk, healthy outlet for our swimmers during this difficult time.

Thank you all for your cooperation and aid in making this possible. The time and effort put in by our swimmers and parents to keep our swim family going in-person, despite so many challenges, is inspiring. On behalf of the coaching staff and our whole team, I cannot possibly express our gratitude.

-Coach Brian