SCARLET AQUATICS - Rutgers Division

Welcome to the Scarlet Aquatics Website (Rutgers Division) ... Do you want to be part of our success at the New Jersey, Eastern Zone, National, and International levels? We have a program for everyone. If you have goals that extend out of New Jersey and into the international arena then join us. After training at Scarlet, our swimmers have gone on to receive hundreds of thousands of dollars in athletic scholarships over the last 8 years. We have also had swimmers at the Olympic Games, World Championships, Pan Pacific Championships, Pan American Games, World University Games, Commonwealth Games, Duel in the Pool, Junior Pan Pacific Championships, Olympic Trials, on the USA Swimming National Team, USA Swimming National Junior Team, National Select Camps, and Zone Select Camps as well as multiple NCAA qualifiers and All Americans. Dozens of our top swimmers have been named USA Swimming Scholastic All Americans showing that academics and athletics indeed go together. Be a part of the success. Sign up for a tryout today!

College Swimmer
Binghamton University Stacey Golden
Bloomsburg University Miranda Steel**
Boston College Andrea King**
Boston College Stephanie Ng
University of Buffalo Renae Sharkey**
Carnegie Mellon University Michael Rong
College of New Jersey Tom Medvecky
College of New Jersey Chris Schott
College of New Jersey Melissa Wallace
Columbia University Susan Xiong
University of Connecticut Hannah Perna**
Dartmouth College Erin Henn
Dartmouth College Tara Henn
Dartmouth College Katie Morrison
University of Delaware Lindsay Dellavalle
University of Delaware Kyle Gurkovich
University of Delaware Sam Mintz
Drexel University Alex Galinskiy**
Duke University Annie Clark
University of Florida Kristen Harris
Fordham University Tim Gusick**
Georgetown University Ali Christie
Indiana University Austin Steel
Kenyon College Natalie Jones
Kenyon College Sarah Zukowski
Lafayette College Megan Livak
Lafayette College Cole Maloney
Lehigh University Jonathan Gorka
Lehigh University Alena Pollitt
Lehigh University Jill Rann
Loyola University Deanna Petrelis
Loyola University Nick Petrelis
University of Maryland Chrissy Miller
University of Maryland Holly Rebovich
University of Massachusetts Joan Baltazar
United States Military Academy Ashley Dellavalle**
United States Military Academy Kate Dellavalle**
United States Military Academy Paige Dellavalle**
University of Michigan Melissa Lang**
University of Michigan Bobby Savulich**
University of Minnesota Christie Clarke**
University of Minnesota Brittany Storoz
University of Minnesota Ashley Steenvoorden**
University of Minnesota Kristen Steenvoorden**
New York University Melanie Block
Andrew King
Jenn Pflug
University of North Carolina
Dave Slawinski
University of North Carolina
Jon VanAssen**
Oberlin College
Simone Christen
Katie Anderson**
Penn State University Sally Anderson**
Penn State University Nick Ankosko
Penn State University James Capparell**
Penn State University Chris Cipolla
Penn State University Alexa Hetzel**
Penn State University Brynja Winnan
University of Pennsylvania Jennifer Block
University of Pennsylvania Bernadette D'Alonzo
University of Pennsylvania Pat Maloney
University of Pittsburgh Mike Bernardi**
Princeton University Meghan Capparell
Princeton University Katie Miller
University of Rhode Island Kelsey Foy**
Rider University Lovette Leonhard**
Rider University Melanie Leonhard**
Rowan University Ashley Gagnon
Rowan University Becky Goldberg
Rutgers University Megan Harris
Rutgers University Tim Harris
Rutgers University Kevin Hart
Rutgers University Jessica Pogogeff
Rutgers University Joanna Pogogeff
Sacred Heart University Krystina Eikeseth**
Seton Hall University Christine Zuffante**
University of South Carolina Jennifer VanAssen**
University of Southern California Rebecca Soni**
State University of New York - New Paltz Eryka Eikeseth
Texas A&M University Rita Soni
Towson University Veronica Feltrin**
Towson University Maegan McLaughlin**
Trinity College Shana Conroy
University of Utah Kristina Helmers**
University of Utah Missy Helmers**
University of Virginia Darren Ankosko**
University of Virginia Stefan Hirniak**
York College Meghan Wallace