Spring/Summer Season Team Fees - 2023

April 12, 2022, through late July


  • Registration opens for Short Course (SC) swimmers: March 1, 2023

  • SC swimmers that register after March 27, 2023 will be charged a $50 late fee.

  • Registration opens for all others after a swimmer attends a TRYOUT


During registration you will pay the following:

  • PRACTICE GROUP FEES (in full OR $200 deposit - details below) 


Intro                                $595   (Payment Plan: May/June $198)

Novice                             $615    (Payment Plan: May/June $208)

Junior Prep 1 (JP1)      $645    (Payment Plan: May/June $223)

Junior Prep 2 (JP2)    $665    (Payment Plan: May/June $233)

Junior 1 (JR1)               $695    (Payment Plan: May/June $248)

Junior 2 (JR2)             $715    (Payment Plan: May/June $258)

Junior 3 (JR3 )            $725    (Payment Plan: May/June $263)

Junior Select (JR Sel) $725    (Payment Plan: May/June $263)

Senior 2 (SR2)              $765    (Payment Plan: May/June $283)

Senior Select (SR Sel)  $765    (Payment Plan: May/June $283)


If you opt for our payment plan during registration, you will pay a $200 deposit. Your next 2 payments will be the balance after the deposit, divided by 2, automatically charged to your account on 5/1/23 and 6/1/23 through Team Unify's billing.

USA SWIMMING Membership is required for all swimmers.  Anyone not registered must do so directly through USA Swimming before starting long course.  After registering for STAC you must use the following link to  RENEW  if your swimmer has ever been a USA Swimming member or  NEW MEMBERSHIP  if they have not ever been a member so that their membership is linked to our team. Currently, the fee is $95 payable on the USA Swimming website.

USA Swimming Online Member Registration for STAC