You’re getting ready for a meet…. Have a few questions?


What should I wear at a Meet?

  • Swimmers wear their STAC team swim suit, their STAC team swim cap and their best goggles (properly adjusted!) for swimming. They also bring a t-shirt, and/or sweat shirt, gym shorts or sweat pants.  You do not want your swimmer to get a chill. A pair of flip flops are nice too.
  • Families should wear comfortable clothes...preferably layers that you can peel off if you get warm in the bleachers.

What do the swimmers bring?

  • An extra suit, cap and goggles can save the day.
  • At least 2 towels.
  • Extra dry clothes in case the first set gets wet.
  • Games, cards, books
  • Sharpie marker
  • Healthy snacks
  • A big water bottle with the swimmer’s name on it.

What else do parents bring?

  • Drinks and snacks... families get hungry too!
  • Books & newspapers to help you pass the time in-between your swimmer’s events.
  • Pen, pencil and/or highlighter to mark the program, so you know when and what your child is swimming. (Or purchase the Meet Mobile App)
  • Stadium chair for back support
  • Extra cash...for admission, all those things your kids want you to shop swim gear, t-shirts, snacks etc.

Now that you have the bags packed, what about the Swim Meet itself....

***At every meet, swimmers must check in with the Meet Coach upon arrival at least 15 minutes before the first warm-up begins. You need to calculate possible traffic and walking into the facility.  If you are not on deck and ready to swim at warm up, the coach may scratch your swimmer from the meet that day. If you are running late, text Coach BG at 908-655-7253.  Please only use this number for last minute scratches or an unexpected delay. Do not call, often times there is bad reception in pool facilities and it is very hard to hear, so please text only.

  • Plan for your swimmer to be at the meet, ready to get in the water at least 15 minutes before the warm-up begins.
  • Upon arrival, your swimmer needs to check in with the coach so they know you have arrived and are ready.
  • Read the meet packet and entries to be familiar with the meet location and your swimmers events.  There’s lots of information to help you get ready.
  • Come prepared to all meets with a grid like this on your swimmers arm in Sharpie marker.  You will have to wait until you get to the meet to fill in the heat and lane when they are assigned. Since they will fill in information themselves, please make the grid on their arm that they don't use to write. 

     E=Event H=Heat & L=Lane