Streamline Aquatics Club seeks to provide an opportunity for all swimmers regardless of race, gender, or creed to reach their highest personal potential as both an individual and an athlete. We understand that winning is much more than one’s place at the finish of a race, and we are committed to helping young athletes grow in character, physical development, and skill.

Streamline Aquatics Club is a coach organized competitive swim team located in Branchburg, NJ. We are a member of USA Swimming. Streamline Aquatics Club offers a range of programs for athletes from the ages five and up. The program offers age and ability based technique development, along with appropriate conditioning for more advanced swimmers. The goal is to become proficient in all four strokes, as well as starts and turns, and to develop the physical and mental strength needed to become confident, healthy, and successful swimmers.

Streamline Aquatics Club believes that swimming should be a challenging, positive, and rewarding experience for all its athletes and their families. STAC athletes will learn about personal responsibility and sportsmanship. We believe that every swimmer has to do their part to support their "family" of fellow athletes.

Streamline coaches will work closely with every swimmer to help achieve realistic personal goals and ideas on how to achieve them. We also believe that our swimmers need to be well rounded student athletes, so we will work with our athletes to help them balance not only swimming, but academics, outside activities, and family life as well.

Streamline Aquatics Club is dedicated to making your swimming experience rewarding, fun, and challenging and we look forward to being part of your family’s lives!