How to Pick Your Swimmer's Events
Parents may choose their swimmer's events before the meet sign out deadline; however, Coach BG will make the final decision on which events they will swim. No changes will be made after Coach BG finalizes the entry.   Please double check your swimmer's events before a meet should a change to your picks been made.

To pick events:
Scroll through the Meet Events to the  meet  you'd like to choose the events for > click Edit Commitment at the top> click your swimmer's name > you can select from the events that are written in black, not red.    Check the boxes next to the events you want to pick. If you do not want to swim the maximum number of events or if the swimmer is only attending one day of the meet, indicate special instructions in the Notes box at the top.  When finished, click SAVE CHANGES at the bottom.

If you select less than the max events per day, please indicate this in the note box. No changes will be made after the deadline.


Please note:

You cannot pick events until a meet has been sanctioned and the event file has been added to Team Unify.